5 Most Successful Companies During the Pandemic

most successful companies thriving during pandemic

Much of the news lately is dominated by stories of companies that are going out of business because they just can't survive the months-long shutdowns due to Covid-19. Both small businesses and large corporations are falling victim to the pandemic. 

On the other hand, though, there are some successful companies that have seen tremendous growth in their revenue during the pandemic. Read on to learn about these five successful companies thriving during Covid-19. 

5 Most Profitable Businesses During Coronavirus

1. Zoom

Unless you spent the past two months off the grid, it's unlikely that you haven't heard of Zoom. From people working remotely to kids doing e-learning to SNL to family meet-ups and happy hours, Zoom is having a moment. 

Zoom reported a 169% increase in revenue during the months of February, March, and April from their entire previous year's profits. If you didn't know about Zoom before March, you certainly do now.

2. Clorox

Trying to find disinfecting wipes at the height of the pandemic in March was like trying to find the hottest Beanie Baby in 1995. People were snatching up canisters of wipes like there was no tomorrow and stores had to limit to number each customer was allowed to purchase. 

Clorox is the maker of about half of all of the disinfecting wipes in the US and their stock has increased 17% since the beginning of the year and the company is worth more than $22 billion. 

Clorox has clearly been killing it during the Coronavirus pandemic... just don't inject or ingest it to try and fight off Covid-19.

3. Amazon

Amazon has always been wildly successful and when a pandemic hits, people are supposed to stay home as much as possible, and stores either close or limit their hours, who comes to the rescue? 

Amazon and its Prime and Fresh services can deliver anything from groceries to toilet paper to edible glitter. If Amazon doesn't have it, you probably don't need it. 

Amazon is valued at more than $1 trillion and financial projections predict that Amazon's owner and founder, Jeff Bezos, will become the world's first trillionaire by 2026. Amazon and Bezos are often under scrutiny, though, due to the little amount of taxes they pay. There's no denying that they use tax strategy and planning to their benefit.

4. Netflix

What else was there to do night after night, weekend after weekend stuck at home during the pandemic but watch Netflix? Plenty of time to watch Netflix and chill, coupled with the lack of live sports on TV ensured that Netflix not only didn't lose any users, but they gained new ones. During the height of the pandemic, Netflix added 15.8 million new subscribers. 

It seems like everyone tuned in to watch Tiger King and it even drew the attention of the Trump family.

5. Grocery Stores 

Grocery stores are having their moment in 2020. With restaurants closing, people forced to stay home, and many states only allowing limited options for take-out or food delivery, people were forced to grocery shop and cook at home. 

Florida-based grocery chain Publix estimated that their sales increased $1 billion due to Covid-19 and the use of grocery delivery services like Instacart and Shipt skyrocketed. 

5 Successful Companies Thriving During Chaos

Have you patronized one of these companies during the pandemic? These successful companies provided much-needed services and entertainment during the pandemic and continue to do so, as many states are still under some level of stay-at-home order. While many small businesses are failing, business is booming for many large corporations and successful companies that have been able to adapt to Covid-19 changes. Which companies will continue to profit during the aftermath of Coronavirus in 2022 and 2023?

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