What Is The Actual Meaning Of MOQ?

definition moq minimum order quantity

Well there are many of us who may not be well aware about the term Moq. Let me explain the actual meaning of this term. MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity. This is a term that is actually more famous in internet sales. This term is mainly used by the sellers when they set a minimum number of quantities from which they agree to place or prepare an order. So, one must be clear about moq meaning. 

It is mainly set by the suppliers to cover their cost of production and also ensure that they make a profit on each production. MOQ‘s are sometimes negotiable on certain terms and conditions. 

Why Is It So Important In The Modern World? 

To be very frank it is very important for the suppliers as it determines which businesses they are willing to do and will it be better to commence with it. It is through MOQ that the suppliers can easily communicate with businesses. It will also provide them with the idea of how many units is required by them to work together. What is moq may be clear from the above discussion. 

So, MOQ’s plays a very crucial role in the case of determining or choosing the right type of business. It should be applied. Further, we all know that small businesses always requires small level and thus needs very small level of units to match their MOQ requirements. All these business always look for a supplier who can meet all their demands and that too within a short time. 

However, the scenario is just the opposite in the case of large businesses. They have large and good number of suppliers who can easily meet their demands and work accordingly. So, they won’t have to face any type of issues in such a case. The main concern is with the small and medium business man. 

Why Do Suppliers Operate With MOQ’s? 

This is a common question that may arise in the mind of the people. Most of the suppliers set Minimum Order Quantity because it costs them a certain amount of price for running the production. It is with the help of MOQ that they can cover all the set for production along with the profit. So, it really means a lot for them. Another reason behind this is that the amount they set is the fewest amounts of units that they can produce in a single production. Thus, what does moq mean is now almost done? 

As manufacturer’s produce products in bulk they can also purchase the materials in bulk and that would be a cost-effective step in this case. This is the reason why most of the manufacturer’s set a minimum order quantity so that they can run the business smoothly and earn a small amount of money out of it. 

A recent report has also revealed the fact that most of the people are indulging themselves in taking up this lucrative business and they have really earned a lot of money from it. This is a great step before the people and that can help them to a great extent. 

What Are The Main Advantages Of Using MOQ’s? 

Now let us move into the main part of our discussion where we will mainly focus on the main advantages of MOQ’s. This will make the concept clear and people will get a clear picture of the same. 

• The best thing about MOQ is that one can give the best possible price per unit available. This is a great relaxation that is given to them. 

• The more one will buy the products in bulk the more it will cut down the cost in each unit. This is also a lucrative option before the people. 

• All this simply shows that now we will be paying less per unit that is getting produced and it can maximize the profit we earn while we are selling the product. 

Which Is The Best Way To Negotiate With MOQ’s? 

Probably it is the most vital question before one who is using this process for the first time. With this discussion everything will be clear right from the beginning. 

It is always better to ask the vendor if they have a material that is of low quality and that will be used in the production. With this, the cost of production will be better and the MOQ will be better. On the other side, be careful because almost all the MOQ‘s exist for a reason. No one will work without any profit. 

For reducing the minimum quantity they sacrifice the quality of the same. Sometimes we may feel sorry for the act. At the same time, also try to locate other buyers who also wish to buy the same thing. In such a case we can split the acquisition cost and achieve the MOQ very easily. On the other hand, we can also ask the supplier which products they often manufacture. 

Take a chance to take half of the products within a short time and the other half after a month. That would also be a wise decision in this case. In such a situation, we can split the payment and that may help us economically. Everyone should take a chance and it is quite obvious. It may happen that providers may not accept it but we can at least take a try. It may click or it may not click. We should leave it upon our luck. That would be better in this situation. 


We all know that the concept of Moqs is a new one and within a short time it has turned out to be famous among the people and the masses. Although the concept of MOQ for production is a new one, it always comes with some striking features. 

Whenever we are looking to run a business we should also introduce some strategies. Sometimes it may prove to be well and sometimes it may be a failure. But the main thing is that we shall never lose our hopes. We should always look forward and try our best. Hard work and tenacity can yield best results.

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