5 Tips to Improve Your Company Culture From the Top Down

how to improve company culture from the top down

Nearly 90% of employees in the workplace believe that company culture is important for business success. 

What defines company culture? It's typically the behaviors and beliefs of the company and how they influence every employee from the top down. If you want to create a positive culture from the top down, you need to know what to do that influences the culture. 

Here are 5 tips on how to improve company culture. 

1. Create a Safe and Open Environment in the Workplace

Open communication is one of the best ways to create a positive company culture. When the leaders are open and provide a safe space for employees to communicate, it can spark innovation. 

You have more employees contributing their ideas because they feel heard. They don't feel like they are being judged. 

2. Offer Team Activities

While each team member can contribute something individually, it doesn't always help build a company culture if they don't work well with other team members. 

Company culture should involve teamwork and team building activities. 

You can do scavenger hunts, the game of possibilities, and other activities that promote team building. 

3. Give to the Community

To help build your company culture, you should consider giving to the community. It sparks a culture that is committed to helping others. 

When the leaders of the company are willing to give to the community, it trickles down to other employees and shows the value of company culture. 

4. Do an Employee Survey

When you get feedback from your employees on how to improve the company culture, it can give you and other leaders in the workplace insight. 

It gives you insight into what employees feel and how it can spark innovation and open communication. 

It also shows how the culture is always trying to improve, even if that culture already embodies positivity. 

An employee survey is also a great way to see how a startup culture or any company culture is doing wrong. You can assess if employees feel left out of something. 

5. Create a Company Culture Handbook

When the leaders of the company create a company handbook, it shows they are committed to creating a positive workplace. 

They are giving employees the opportunity to hold the leaders of the company accountable. The handbook is an opportunity to show off the qualities and values the company culture should embody, and the standards they try to uphold. 

Now You Know How to Improve Company Culture

Now you know how to improve company culture with these 5 tips. You know how to inspire employees to create a positive environment in the workplace. 

These tips always start with the leadership within a company. It has to start with leadership in order to influence the culture of all the employees. Ultimately, positive culture sparks innovation in the company.

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