An Employer's Guide to Superannuation

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There are approximately 3.9 million retirees in Australia currently.

If you're an employer in Australia, you'll have to make super fund contributions for most of your employees. This money enters a retirement fund for them, along with contributions of their own.

If you're new to employment or you haven't started in business yet, you may not be familiar with this concept. If not, you're likely wondering; how does superannuation work?

For the answer to this question and more like it, keep reading.

What Is a Super Fund?

A super fund is a pension fund that employees receive once they retire. Workers may or may not contribute a percentage of their earnings each month to these funds. 

Employers, however, are legally required to put money in employee super funds. Each employee that earns more than $450 per month is entitled to receive 9.5 percent of their regular wage from you in their superannuation fund each quarter.

This minimum contribution is known as the Super Guarantee.

How Does Superannuation Work?

As an employer, you have to add to your workers' superannuation fund four times a year. Your employee might also request that you make further deductions from their paycheck for their super fund.

The account you make these payments to will be managed by investment professionals who place these funds, along with other contributions from either the employee themselves or the Australian government, into various investments.

Superannuation is far easier to manage when you have a third-party payroll provider. Such a payroll service can streamline all your payment procedures, saving you time to concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

Superannuation Requirements

As an employer, there are certain rules you must adhere to in relation to payments into superannuation funds. We've looked at a few of the most important here.

Payment Frequency

You must make lodgements into your employees' superannuation fund accounts four times a year. There will be a due date each quarter by which you should lodge the required funds.

Mode of Payment

You must make superannuation lodgements with an approved form of electronic payment. The relevant requirements here are known as SuperStream requirements.

Employee Choice

Some employees are entitled to choose their own super fund. As an employer, it is your responsibility to check whether your workers are entitled to choose their own super fund, and inform them if this is the case.

Record Keeping

You will have to keep detailed records of the super fund payments you make to your employees' superannuation accounts. You will also have to keep proof that you offered your employees a choice of superannuation fund.

The Savings Solution That Stays With Employees for Life

So, how does superannuation work? If you didn't know the answer to this question before coming here, you should have a better understanding of the concept now.

If you're employing workers in Australia, you'll usually have to contribute a certain amount to their superannuation fund each month.

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