All You Need To Know About Face Shields

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The infamous Coronavirus Covid-19, regarded by experts to be one of the highly-contagious diseases in history, has wreaked havoc on a global scale. No fewer than 397,000 persons have died from this novel disease. Many countries have enforced precautionary, safety measures to reduce the number of infected individuals and death toll to the barest minimum, as citizens are compelled to adapt to a new way of life. 

Presently, there is no definite cure for the virus, even as scientists and medical experts attempt to develop a vaccine to address this problem. For this reason, there is a need to adhere to health and safety rules, including practising social distancing, washing hands frequently, and wearing nose masks and face shields. 

Face Mask Vs Face Shields 

Many people protect themselves in public with face masks and face covers. During the initial breakout of the pandemic, face masks were considered to be the go-to PPE. Recently, more people are opting for face shields as they tend to provide more safety. Unlike face masks, also known as nose masks, that are worn on the nose, face covers shield the whole face from germs and pathogens. 

Face shields can be purchased easily from several plastic manufacturing companies, like - PETG Clear Plastic Sheets. These clear plastic shields can be customized to meet your requirements. All you need is to select the length, width, and thickness. 

The Effectiveness Of Face Shields 

Face shields are great protective materials as they cover a large surface area (extending from the head to the chin), as compared to nose masks. Consequently, it protects your face from physical contact - one you can not avoid with the face mask. A recent study on the “Efficacy of Face Shields Against Cough Aerosol Droplets From a Cough Simulator” showed that face shields reduced the amount of a worker’s inhalation exposure by 96%, within a cough range of 18 inches. 

This study proves the efficiency of face shields. Additionally, they provide comfort and convenience, making it easy for users to wear them for long periods. By the way, nose masks are not to be worn for a long time or used during exercises, due to the health risks they pose. 

Can Face Shields Be Reused? 

One of the benefits of a face shield is that it can be reused times without number, unlike a clinical nose mask that can be used two to three times, before losing its functional integrity. You can easily clean and sanitize a face shield with water and soap or disinfections. Face shields are meant to extend beyond the ears and chin to provide full protection. 

Other Benefits Of Face Shields 

Aside from the fact that these PPE materials can be reused, they also improve communication among users. How easy do you find it talking to the next person with a nose mask on? Difficult. However, with face shields, you do not have to worry about taking off your mask to talk to people. You can do that with your face cover on.

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