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The hardest part about creating this article is that most career and motivational bloggers are terrible. They are typically promoting a bunch of easy answers that are only useful until the newness wears off. That is why this article covers the best career bloggers but doesn't shy away from their negative sides. In this article, you will learn which are the greatest career bloggers, but also what their greatest flaws are too. 

1. Ava Williams 

Somehow, Ava is able to boil down complex issues into what could pass for magazine articles. She obviously has plenty of experience, but also works with numerous others who are in the business and career advice industry. As a result, she can offer a blended and wide-ranging opinion on career subjects, and often creates thought-provoking content that is of interest to a broad range of people. Plus, she doesn't term her work in overly complicated phrasing. That is not to say that she keeps things basic, but she does try to keep things simple for the most part. 

Ava has many followers and is growing in popularity thanks to the increased online reputation of her host website. She is not the owner but is a full-time member of the team. Plus, she writes guest posts and journal entries for third parties when she is asked. Her skills and talents are highly sought after, and it is worth checking out her content to see what you can learn. 

2. Tony Robbins 

The truth is that Tony Robbins is 90% hack and 10% great, and even though it seems the stats are not in his favor, you should take some of his own advice that states, “Give people a chance, even the worst seminar may hold a tiny crumb of truth or goodness, even if the goodness is figuring out what doesn't work.” 

What he is saying is that most of what you hear is going to be incorrect, dumb, or just plain lies, but you should listen to it anyway. Even the most dumb and/or manipulative person may come out with something useful, and for that reason, you should try some of Tony Robbins work. He is 90% pointless and wrong, especially when he takes a Napoleon Hill slant, but occasionally, as you read the dust that is his riverbed, you find a shiny nugget of gold. 

3. Eben Pagan 

This guy sucks. He is an even bigger hack than Tony Robbins. With no exaggeration, if Tony Robbins were a stream of hackiness, Eban would be the Amazon River. Yet, as you read Eban’s blog, you get the feeling that maybe he doesn't know he is a hack. That maybe he is really trying to be good, and that is where his blog becomes relevant. 

Every now and again, this articulate fool seems to stumble upon some fantastic information that he turns into world-beating advice. He gave the example of the babysitter who kept getting more work because every time the parents came home and asked how their kids were, the babysitter said they were little angels...even if they were not. The parents rehired her because she never seemed stressed or worried, and the kids loved her because they never got in trouble for misbehaving. Another piece of great advice he once came out with is that you should shamelessly self-promote your skills because most people won’t remember your biggest selling point until you have said it at least seven times. 

4. The Great 

The success tips on offer are great for unemployed people because they do not just deal with you get-up-and-go, they also deal with the slump and depression that some active jobseekers find. Most motivational and inspirational content assumes that the reader is of a sound, happy and optimistic view. Whereas, if you have been looking for a job for months, your attitude and your outlook is both low and very negative. “The Great” essentially starts all career, success and motivational content from a very low starting place. This blogger gives advice with the assumption you are in a very negative frame of mind right now. 

Much of what you read, especially with regards to career and success advice, boils down to the things you shouldn't do. It mostly includes advice on how to avoid falling into a slump, and that is no easy task. After all, if you have been looking for a job for a long time, then you are going to grind yourself into the ground very easily. “The Great” offers content that helps you avoid the typical career, success and motivational pitfalls that most people fall into.

Ava Williams is an editor and career specialist at Resumeble.com. She is fond of traveling, guitar, biathlon, and snowboarding. Ava finds his inspiration in the success of her clients. Meet her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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