What Is The Difference Between Janitorial And Commercial Cleaning?

difference between janitorial and commercial cleaning services

Cleaning is a chore – that should go without saying – yet it is also a necessity. In the home and in the workplace, poor hygiene can lead to bacteria building up where dirt and grime may have been missed, and for a non-professional it is easy to miss those spots. That’s why more people than ever before are hiring a cleaner, both for home and for their commercial premises. Indeed, would appear that cleaners are more in demand now than at any point in the past, which is no surprise given the busy lives we are expected to lead. 

If you’re looking for a viable cleaning solution for your business premises – many businesses, even larger ones, outsource cleaning as it is more cost-effective – you need to consider the following: do you need a commercial cleaning service, or would you be better suited to engaging the services of a company offering commercial janitorial services in Calgary? To help you decide, we’ve looked at what you can expect from each, and why you may be better opting for one professional cleaner than the other, so let’s get started! 

Janitorial vs. Commercial Cleaning 

Do you need janitorial services, or are you saving money by using standard commercial cleaning solutions? And what is the difference? Before we look at that in more detail, it’s worth knowing that a good cleaning company will be able and willing to offer you a choice of either, and will explain to you what is involved. Here’s the basics for you. 

A commercial cleaning service is where you get the cleaners in every now and then to give your office or other premises a thorough clean. This could be every month, every few months, or simply when you feel it necessary. This is an option that may seem cost-effective to you, but when you consider the advantages of janitorial services, you might start to see the other side. 

A janitorial cleaning service is one in which a cleaner will attend to your cleaning every day, performing smaller yet essential cleaning operations that include dusting, checking the bathroom and restocking, perhaps cleaning the telephones and computers, and vacuuming the floors. Any essential daily jobs that will keep the place tidy, clean, and presentable, all the time. This sort of service can be performed by someone attending daily for, depending on the size of the office or space, a couple of hours or so, getting the job done, and then coming back the next day. 

Benefits Of Janitorial Service 

What would you gain through choosing janitorial services over a once in a while commercial cleaning option? Many small to medium businesses choose the janitorial option as it can be more cost-effective. The state of the cleaning services market is such that while there is great competition, companies can set quite high prices for full cleaning services as they are very much in-demand. If you have a daily janitorial service, you are less likely to need a deep clean when the time comes that you do need a full day’s cleaning, so you are saving money overall. 

Hire Professional Cleaners Now For A Safer Workplace

Furthermore, as an employer it is your duty to ensure your employees have a safe and clean working environment every time they go to work, so you should be paying attention to the cleanliness of your offices and other workspaces. A daily janitorial clean will keep your commercial premises clean and tidy for everyday use, and at little expense. Why not check out janitorial cleaning services and commercial cleaning solutions and see how you and your workforce will benefit from a regularly cleaned working space.

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