What to Put on a Business Card: A Simple Guide

what to put on a business card designs

Networking has changed over the years with advancements in technology. Searching for LinkedIn pages and adding a contact to your phone is simpler than exchanging business cards. But this doesn’t mean that business cards are outdated.

Business cards are great for giving a potential customer a physical reminder of you once you part ways. A business card increases the chance of a potential customer getting in touch with you later.

It can be tricky to create a card that catches the attention of your audience and draws them in to contact you with a job.

Continue reading to find out what to put on a business card and how to design business cards.

What to Put on a Business Card

If you recently started a business, you are thinking about creating a business card to spread the word. Now you're stumped because you don't know what is important to have on there and what you can go without.

1) Your Name and Job Title

The most important thing that you should include on your business card is your name and your job title. This ensures that your connections remember your name and what you can do for them.

2) Contact Information

When adding contact information to your card, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You want your potential client to be able to reach you at any moment.

It's safer to include your email and your phone number rather than your personal address. Feel free to use a P.O. box for anything that might be mailed to you. 

Don't forget to include your social media handles so that you can be found with ease in a simple search of your name. 

3) Logo and Tagline (If Applicable)

A logo and tagline make you stand out from other people with the same job title.

If you have a logo and a tagline, use them! If you don't have one, that's okay too.

4) Your Website

A URL to your website is a great idea. It gives your potential client a direct link to what you do.

Make sure that it isn't a boring home page. Your potential client wants to see something interesting when they look you up.

5) A Relatable Photo

A photo that relates to your line of work can be a helpful reminder of what you do and how your services can assist the person who has your card.

Make sure that your photo doesn't take up too much room. Having some white space is important, too. 

How Do You Make a Business Card?

Create your business card using business card templates from Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark gives you an option to edit premade templates or you can use the site to start with a blank canvas.

Plus, it's free and easy to use for your business card designing!

Once you have your design, your local UPS store offers a wide variety of printing services. They can help you print your business cards. 

What To Do Now With Your New Business Cards

Now that you know what to put on a business card, your next step is to make your business cards and start handing them out whenever you get the chance. Start networking now and distributing those fancy new business cards!

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