Inexpensive Ways to Build a Stronger Internet Presence for Your Brand

inexpensive ways build stronger internet presence build brand

Building an internet presence has never been more accessible. But that doesn't mean it's any easier. With so many options available and worldwide competition, the frugal business owner has to make some hard decisions when allocating marketing spend.

The good news is there are plenty of inexpensive strategies for brand development if you know where to look. These can lead to some fantastic returns on your investment. As you grow a fervent online community and customer base, you'll then have a larger budget to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Get your name out there online without spending a fortune. Let's look at some of the most affordable ways to improve your brand’s internet presence.

Embrace SEO

Assuming you own a website for your brand -- and you should -- then you can take advantage of search engine optimization. SEO is absolutely free and can considerably increase organic traffic to your website. Think of it as a form of website optimization.

By targeting search engine keywords with high volume and low competition, you can bring your website to the number one position on the corresponding search engine results page. It's as easy as sprinkling these keywords across your website's headlines and blog content.

But there are other SEO factors beyond keywords and website structuring. For example, Google prioritizes domains with fast loading speeds and functional mobile websites.

As you start measuring the success of these basic SEO improvements, you may want to discover off-site SEO solutions. When websites with high authority link to your domain, you'll enjoy a significant SEO boost. Seeking these links through public outreach or guest blogging can get the job done.

Create a Forum

Forums may seem like an antique of the early internet. With social media offering instant communication, why would anyone use anything else? Well, for one thing, social media has never offered a good foundation for in-depth discussion.

Perhaps that's why forums are still kicking today. Slickdeals, a popular discount conglomerate, attracts tens of thousands of daily visitors from its forum alone. It's here that people share some of the latest, greatest deals and ponder those yet to come.

Some forums also provide a haven for discussions not found on social media. For example, you can find cannabis forums and learn the growing basics without outing yourself online. 

In short, hosting a forum on your website is an excellent way to attract individuals interested in your industry. As people create accounts and interact with your website, you don't only build your brand -- but you convert a good deal of leads in the process.

Get Social

Social media has forever changed the landscape of online marketing. About a decade ago, businesses large and small thought going viral was the secret to mastering this new platform. Problem is, there's no guaranteed method of amassing shares and visibility.

Nowadays, it's best to use social media platforms as an extension of your internet presence. You can share the latest blog posts from your website, as well as new product releases. Social media is also a great way to communicate directly with your customer base.

This may mean fielding customer concerns or input. But you can and should start some conversations yourself. Reach out to your followers and ask them what they think about your product and service.

Create Video Content

In addition to posts from your blog and social media, you want to throw some videos into the mix. Video accounts for a significant portion of all internet traffic. And it's a trend that's expected to uptick annually.

The secret to creating great video content is to incorporate it as part of a multimedia marketing approach. While your blog post may share some thoughts related to your product or industry, some topics lend themselves to visual coverage.

For example, record a brief product demonstration to help customers come to a decision or better understand what you're selling. You could also turn to quick, snappy video infographics based on your own primary research.

Since you're concerned about building an internet presence, always maintain the same style from video to video. Things like your typography, editing style, and music choices will all inform viewers about your brand. When you discover a style that's right for you, don't mix things up.

Most marketers believe shorter videos are better videos. This is true in the case of social media. It's best to create social media videos that work without sound, seeing as 85% of viewers don't bother to enable it.

Longer videos enjoy better viewer engagement, but they're significantly more work to produce. Creating video content in various sizes is likely the safest and most economical approach.

Run an Email Newsletter

So, you've established your internet presence on your own website, search engines, and social media. Where else can you reach? The email inbox.

Sending thousands of emails costs pennies on the dollar. And it more than pays for itself even if your email newsletters have a low click-through rate.

Gather email information on your website. Asking traffic to sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter will convert some visitors into leads. Each time you send out an email blast, you'll remind these prospective customers about your brand, product, and service.

And seeing as they were already interested in your brand, these leads have a high likelihood of making a purchase with the right email incentive.

Establish a Thriving Internet Presence

Making your brand heard through the constant noise of competitors seems a daunting task.

But you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive online advertising to get your name out there. With a multi-directional messaging approach, you can build and grow an internet presence on even the smallest budgets.

Still trying to stretch your dollar on digital marketing? Learn more frugal business tips on our blog. Visit the Digital Marketing section of the Bootstrap Business Blog for more information on growing your company's internet presence.

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