How To Choose The Best Electric Broom

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An electric broom (or vacuum cleaner broom) is the best option to keep the floors of the house clean. All the models available on the market are battery-operated, so we can move with the broom autonomously, without depending on uncomfortable cables or having a plug nearby. Here we will tell you how to buy the best electric broom by considering some major points. 

1. Engine Power 

In general, the more powerful is the engine, the more suction capacity your vacuum cleaner will have. Although there are models that achieve extreme efficiency with less consumption, to control this variable, checks the energy efficiency class. 

2. The Dust Tank

Although some vacuum cleaners still use disposable bags, it is normal for them to incorporate a tank where all the sucked dirt accumulates. With this, you save the expense in bags and the hassle of having to find compatible parts. In return, it is important to check that access to the tank is easy, that you will not stain when emptying it and that it has a good size. The average in a vacuum cleaner-broom is around 0.5 liters. It is not a large capacity, but in this case, lightness and maneuverability are prioritized, so we are not interested in carrying a tank that is too large and bulky. 

3. With Or Without Cable? 

The most normal thing is that our new broom is wireless, to facilitate its use without having to be aware of having a plug on hand, or of changing the plug when moving between different rooms. 

In this section, it is important to consider two variables. First, the autonomy time that the battery allows us, which normally ranges between 25 and 70 minutes. And also the charging time, since there are fast-charging batteries that allow us to have our vacuum cleaner ready in a short space of time. However, the downside to cordless vacuums is that they are less powerful by relying on the battery and not connecting directly to electrical power. It is difficult to make an exact power comparison because these are measured in volts (V), while those with corded vacuums are measured in watts (W). 

4. Weight And Dimensions 

Vacuum brooms are usually very light, around 3 kg in weight, since the idea is that they are very manageable. As for the dimensions, you must calculate the space you have to store your broom. 

Some have a charging station, which is not usually expensive but may involve making a hole in the wall. Others have a folding handle, to occupy less height. And not all of them can stand upright without extra support, so make sure you have a suitable hole next to the wall or on the broom so that you can lean it if necessary. 

5. Broom Or 3 In 1? 

The broom is sure what you will use the most, but it is interesting to know that there are models that allow you to remove the basic mechanism (motor, filters, tank, and handle), making it a practical handheld vacuum cleaner. You will get a lot of money to clean the upholstery of the car or for small emergency vacuum cleaners, such as crumbs on the sofa. Option number three is to change the nozzle and use it as a traditional vacuum cleaner to clean mattresses, curtains, lamps, ceiling corners, etc. Learn more today by visiting Best Information Today for more tips and options.

6. Type Of Brushes 

Most brooms include an electric brush made of rollers that rotate to trap dirt better. If you have a tile, check that the brush is not going to damage the wood. If you're going to be cleaning long pile rugs, you probably need a special brush or at least one that can lock the rollers, so they don't get stuck. 

If the brush is too big, you will finish before vacuuming the floor, but it may be difficult for you to reach the narrowest corners. Therefore, it is interesting that your vacuum broom has different nozzles for cleaning upholstery, directing the vacuum in turbo mode, or cleaning hard-to-reach corners.

Choose The Best Electric Broom Today

Your home and workplace aren't going to clean themselves! It's a matter of personal pride and safety. Purchase a top electric broom or one of the best vacuum cleaners today to make cleaning easier and more productive.

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