What’s Tested On The GRE?

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You're enjoying college, taking both good and bad days as they come. Now you've come into your junior or senior year and you’re hearing people talking about their plans after they graduate. Many of them have mentioned getting into med school, others talk about plans for internships, law school or diving right into the corporate world. You're wondering what's next in line for you. Should you consider grad school? 

The Basics Of Grad School 

When it comes to applying for grad school, you’ll have to make a lot of important decisions. For example, what degree should you pursue? How will you pay for it? To start planning for grad school applications, first consider the following: 

■ Decide If You Really Want To Go

This is a central issue that many people work through; they often ask themselves if they should go to grad school at all. Determine what kind of career choice you will have and how grad school will play a role in it. Grad school doesn't just give you added leverage and a chance to get a better salary, it also gives you an advantage if you decide to change professions later on. 

■ Choosing The Right Schools And Programs

Do your research and choose the right school. Look at the academic options they offer as well as how easy it would be to commute. Most importantly, take your finances into consideration. 

Now that you’ve taken these questions into consideration, it’s time to start sending out applications. What does that entail? 

What’s In A Grad School Admissions Application? 

Applying to grad school is a lot more complicated than just filling out some forms. Most applications require: 

■ USP – Apart from filling out the application form, a candidate needs to formulate a unique selling point (USP). Your USP shows how well you've done all-around in academics, extracurricular activities and as a person. It's a good idea to make note of your strengths and weakness, along with examples of how you exhibit those traits. 

■ A Good SOP – A statement of purpose shouldn't only mention your academics but also the entire reason why you're applying for higher education. You don't have to write an elaborate story, but rather one that shows how ambitious you are. 

■ Thoughtful References – Don't just select any two or three professors that are willing to vouch for you. Choose people who can successfully recommend you for all your different strengths or traits apart from academics. 

■ GRE Scores – Many grad schools require that you take the GRE and submit the score officially through the testing agency. 

What’s Tested On GRE? 

The GRE is a standardized admission test that is required to get into many graduate schools, business schools, and law schools. Although it is similar to the SAT, the GRE can be much more difficult. To test your aptitude in a variety of different areas, the GRE checks analytic writing, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. 

■ Analytic Writing – This includes analyzing an argument and an issue in the form of an essay. Thirty minutes are given for both of these components. 

■ Verbal Reasoning – In this section, you will need to analyze data and select essential points while answering questions that prove how you comprehend words and phrases. It will be divided into two sections with ten questions each and 30 minutes per section. 

■ Quantitative Reasoning – This portion of the exam consists of two sections that take 30 minutes each. They asses how you understand data, analyze graphs and solve mathematical problems. 

How To Prep For The Test 

You will need a good two to three months to adequately prepare for the test. The best way to prep is to find quality materials, either online or from people you know. Alternatively, you can get coaching locally or online to help you catch up with the syllabus. There are also plenty of test materials available online; GRE target test prep can get you up to speed since you need all the practice you can get. 

Talk To People Who Have Taken The Test 

Although Google is a huge help, you should also talk to people who have already taken the exam. Anyone you know who is in graduate school has likely taken the GRE test, so give them a call and ask for their tips and tricks to mastering the exam.

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