The Simple Guide to Selling Shares Online

guide selling share online how to sell stock by website

Generally speaking, it’s relatively simple to sell your shares online. Provided that you have documentation of who you are and what shares you hold, you can complete the process online and sell your shares in a matter of just minutes. Even if you’ve never completed a share sale before or been actively involved in investment trades, you should still have an easy time selling your shares online

What You Need 

In order to sell shares, there are going to be some documents that you need to present. You will need to have a driver licence or other form of identification that includes your legal name that is also listed on your shares holding or dividend statement. Speaking of which, you will also need that statement, which was originally issued to you by the share registry. It doesn’t matter if your copy is older because the information typically stays the same. 

In the event that you are missing any paperwork and need to get a new copy, you will be able to contact the appropriate agencies and request new documents so that you can complete the sale. 

Steps To Take 

Once you have gathered the necessary paperwork and identification required to complete the transaction, you can simply get online and complete a form to sell your shares. You will need to decide and fill out things like: 

• How many shares you are selling? 
• Whether you want a standard sale or an express (same day) sale 
• Available processing times and preferred processing 
• How you want funds distributed 

Once you provide this information, the company can confirm your holding and verify your identity. Then, your shares will be sold at the best market price at the time you decide to sell. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll be notified as to how much the sale earned and when you can expect the funds to arrive, depending on whether you are getting a cheque mailed or having a bank deposit performed. 

Special Circumstances 

A lot of customers ask about special circumstances under which they might need to sell shares of a dividend or holding. These could include joint shares, as well as shares held by deceased names, maiden names, and even those held by trusts or private companies. In this situation, the process is relatively similar. You will simply need to notify the company that you have one of these circumstances so that they are aware of exactly what type of transaction is taking place. 

In the event that you are dealing with anything outside of an ordinary share sale, you’ll want to read up on the share selling process and make sure that you’re doing things the right way so that you don’t create any extra tax liabilities or other issues. 

The Bottom Line 

As long as you work with the right people, selling shares is a simple process. As long as you can prove what you have, you can sell it for cash, less a brokerage fee, and get money for other things that you need. Whether you are selling your own shares or trying to get rid of shares from a family member or loved one’s estate, it can be done quickly and easily, thanks to the Internet.

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