Security Benefits And Safety Measures Of A Lockboxes

security benefits safety measures lockboxes locked box keys

A good lockbox is essential for any successful real estate agent. It makes it possible for a buyer’s agent to show a listing even if the seller is away or unavailable. When using a realtor lockbox, a real estate agent does not have to travel between the office and the property. He or she can contact the listing agent for the lockbox code so that he or she could show the property to prospective buyers. To learn more about the top real estate lockboxes go here

This convenience of work will make your property different and more attractive than other properties that are on the property listing who do not use realtor lockboxes. Most of the real estate agents are busy due to the increased workload and the high turnover rate of the properties, and a realtor lockbox can increase the number of showing of your property significantly. 

All the convenient devices have some risks of using, and if you want to avoid these risks, then you have to use it according to the user manual. It does not matter if you are the buyer’s agent or the seller’s agent you have to use it accordingly. As a professional real estate agent, if you want to make sure that you and your business are adequately protected, then you need to avoid these risks. 

Security Benefits Of Lockboxes 

If you use realtor lockboxes on your property, then you will be free from a lot of work. For example, if you confirmed an appointment between an agent and a prospective buyer, then you do not have to be physically present with the keys to show your property to them. If you give the code of your lockbox to the agent, then he or she can retrieve the key and show the property to the prospective buyers. After the showing is over, the agent can lock the property and return the key to the lockbox. It will help the owner to grant access to other agents or people for visiting the property with the required code. 

Any old realtor lockbox that has been out in the weather for a long time could rust and deteriorate. That will make it difficult for anyone to open. 

One of the most severe risks a seller’s agent could face is any use of the code to access the property unauthorizedly. Someone with ill intentions could come as a potential buyer and see the agent punch in the code to access the property. He could go back to the property afterward. 

You can never publish the access code of your lockbox in the MLS. It does not matter who has access to it, and it could even be only agents. 

You should control access to your properties and keep contact with all the people who conducted showing your properties. So you could follow up with those agents later on. 

It is a must for any homeowner to avoid using the dial lockboxes or old combination for their homes that are occupied. Instead, it would be best if you used them for your bank- owned properties where other contractors may need to get access. 

Safety Measures To Manage Lockbox Risks 

A lockbox has either a push button, spin dial, or combination lock. For maintaining adequate security of the property, it is imperative to change the factory setting of the lockbox and create a unique PIN for it. 

It is not uncommon for you to have some contractors in your property who are using your lockbox for getting access to your property to do their work. Then you have to change the access code or combination once a week. 

Some new electronic lockboxes offer enchanted safety. These lockboxes use Bluetooth to connect to smartphones. An agent could relate to the app to obtain the required code to open the home lockbox. 

It will be best for you to change the access code of your lockbox every time after the real estate property or house showing is done.

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