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fun things to do in bangkok thailand

Thailand has been one of the most evolving tourist destinations in Asia. With its sandy pristine beaches, turquoise blue waters and wonderful natural retreats, the wanderlust tourist often forgets the roaring and rushing capital city of Bangkok. Well, to be honest, she has to grow on you. All you need is to have a bit of patience and just give her time. 

Come To Bangkok 

Just like any capital city of any country, Bangkok is well served by airports, railways, roads, as well as waterways. It is worth remembering that the two airports that serve the city of Bangkok are about 30 kilometers away from the main city. Therefore, having a pre-planned transport service is extremely important when planning for a visit to the city. 

Life At Bangkok 

Bangkok can be truly defined as a mélange of multiple cultures hustling and bustling away through the vibrant streets in the city. It is extremely important to understand the ethos and pathos of the city before actually starting to explore the rush of the culture that the city has to offer. 

The Chao Phraya River forms the city’s lifeline. It is always on a travelers’ bucket list while visiting Bangkok. This river serves as the famous Floating Market of Bangkok where you can have a glimpse of the authentic Thai style of living and enjoying nice genuine Thai street food along with loads of shopping for knick-knacks. 

Bangkok has a platter of multitudes of experiences to offer. The nature of activities are so different from each other, you might be confused about the actual nature of the city. While tours around the river are fun for local shopping, the Chatuchak market provides you with the flavor of Western Culture. The majestic Wat Pho and Royal Palaces offer the extravaganza enjoyed by the royal family. 

You can also have a quaint day trip to Koh Kret Island, which is just a few hours away from the city. Several food tours happen around the city. Join one of them to enjoy the best of the Thai Dishes. However, a visit to the city remains practically incomplete without the tuk-tuk tours. Since these battery-operated vehicles have become synonymous with the city’s tourism promo, they are a bit pricey. It is always advised to have a good bargain before hiring one. 

What Not To Do In Bangkok 

Bangkok is an extremely tourist-friendly city. In fact, some of the Bangkok based Hotels offer nice stays at reasonable rates as well. However, the tourists must keep in mind that the Thai people, in general, are very thoughtful of their reigning and previous kings. Therefore, defaming or trolling the Thai Royal Family in any way must be avoided. 

Apart from that, just like any other popular tourist destination, Bangkok also has its fair share of scammers and pickpockets. Being alert is the only way to mitigate these risks. In addition, tap water should not be consumed. You should always accompany bottled water in order to avoid falling sick.

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