What Quantum-Proof Encryption Means To Business Security

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What Is Encryption 

Encryption is at the heart of our modern world. It is the way we secure our communications and information. It is also one of the greatest inventions in history and has been used since Roman times. Encryption is useful in a wide variety of situations that are dependent on good security. When it comes to having your information secured, you want to have encryption. It is also a great way to protect something from prying eyes. For example, if you have information that only you should see then you would encrypt that information. 

Information is everything in our modern world and protecting it should be the most important thing. What is encryption? Encryption is using mathematical formulas and algorithms to obfuscate information. You take a stream of digital information and rearrange it using a mathematically sound algorithm to make it unreadable to someone else. The only people who can get the actual information are those with the private key. This is how most encryption algorithms work. 

Usefulness Of Encryption 

Encryption is extremely useful. It is used in almost every sector. One of the most famous uses of encryption is the enigma code that was used by Germany during World War II as a way of sending their codes. It was also famous for being broken in Great Britain by Alan Turing. This highlights the importance of encryption. Breaking a code enabled the allies to win the war against Germany. The allies were able to see what the Germans were planning and counter them. 

This is the technology that is now being used in all industries. For example, your banking information and credit card information are both secured with encryption. Without the use of encryption, anyone who was able to hack into a system would be able to read and know everything about you. There would be able to see your credit card transactions and even steal money from your bank account. It is this type of dangerous world that has driven the creation of various encryption algorithms. It has also made encryption a necessity in our modern world. Without encryption, we would see a lot of things being stolen from people in the digital realm. We would also see people lose their identity in the literal sense. For example, if someone was able to hack into your Social Security information they would be able to become you in a sense. 

Various Algorithms For Encryption

There are multiple encryption algorithms for various uses. Generally speaking, the more secure and encryption algorithm is the longer it will take to process. For fields where speed is essential, you give up the quality of the encryption. There are also public-key and private key encryptions as well. That means you sign something digitally with your key and then someone else can read it with another key. This type of encryption is common in game consoles such as a PlayStation. The reason for this is that the company is able to sign executables and other programs to be run on the console. Without the key, no one else can run anything. This keeps this system secure and we are able to play games quite easily. In the future, there will be many other encryption technologies being developed. We will also see Quantum encryption and then we will see Quantum-proof encryption

What Is Quantum Encryption & Quantum Computers? 

With the creation of quantum computers, it is even more important than ever to figure out Quantum-proof encryption. Quantum computers work in a different way compared to classical computers. Whereas classical computers use a stream of bits, a quantum computer uses qubits. These qubits can be both a zero and a one at the same time. In the classical world, we have binary coding. That means everything is either a zero or a one. When he comes processing information, a classical computer has to do with sequentially. That means it takes information in and does something with it before outputting it. It can only go as fast as the computer can process these binary digits. 

A quantum computer can work with a lot more information at the same time. As such, it makes almost all encryption obsolete. It also makes it impossible for most people to be able to relax when it comes to their information been secured. We are now entering an age where there will be commercial quantum computers available, and this will be a very scary thing for people who are in information security. It will cause a lot of problems for those looking to protect data including businesses. Quantum proof encryption is key for business security in the modern digital age.

Why Businesses Need Encryption To Secure Data 

Most businesses work with customer information or data. It can be in many different forms. For example, a company that processes credit card numbers will keep the numbers in a database. If that information was ever hacked, all those people would lose a lot of money. Bad actors in the world would be able to get their credit card information and start spending their money. This has happened many times in history, and it will not be the last. Quantum computers will make this even worse since these devices can hack almost every current algorithm. 

The biggest benefit that quantum-proof encryption will bring to the table is security. We will see a lot more secure devices in the world and they will be able to keep people safe. It will also be a dangerous thing for governmental organizations looking to break into certain devices of bad actors. For example, terrorists were able to send secure information to each other without the government knowing about it. This causes quite a moral dilemma. For example, what is more important? Since these events happened, we will have to choose between safety and privacy. Businesses will also have to make this choice with their customer information. 

What Quantum Proof Encryption Means For Your Company's Cybersec Needs

As quantum computers become more mainstream, it will be more important than ever to have algorithms that can not be cracked by even these types of computers. Having this type of encryption will cause a lot of issues for some people, but the benefit to business is enormous. There will be a lot more security in the world as companies can protect customer information and also their interests. A major source of problems for businesses is having their devices be reverse engineered and then copied. With the creation of these types of algorithms, we will see this stop. A business will be able to create encryption for its devices that cannot be cracked by anyone. When this happens, we will see them be more innovative in the marketplace. 

One of the biggest issues for businesses is not feeling like their devices and intellectual-property are protected. When they live in an environment where they don't feel safe innovating, they fall back on tried and tested devices which leads to stagnation in the marketplace. We will also see a lot of benefits to consumers. Customers of businesses will be able to feel safe knowing that the information is not being stolen. One of the worst things that can happen is waking up and finding out that your information was stolen by bad actors. When this is stopped completely, everyone will be able to wake up a little bit better. 

Quantum Proof Encryption Is Key To Security

The world of encryption is getting better with each passing day. The benefit of the changes being made is enormous. There will be many amazing benefits coming along with quantum encryption. We will also see a world where information is totally secure no matter who is trying to crack it. But hackers will surely consider this just another challenge to overcome!

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