Trucking Accident Attorney Will Help You Get Your Rightful Compensation

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If you incur any kind of injury because of a truck accident, then you are rightfully entitled to get compensation for your physical and mental damages. You can also get monetary compensation, if you have to go through loss of wages during your recovery, or if you are deemed totally unfit for the job anymore, because of your injury. 

However, it is not as easy to pursue compensations or claims in truck accidents, because there can be many parties involved on the other side. Claiming damages on regular car accidents is much simpler, because you will have to work it out with only one point of contact, which is the insurance company. 

On the other hand, trucking accidents are much more complicated, because of more number of parties that are involved. Some of them are: 

● Truck driver 
● Employee of the truck driver 
● The company that did the loading job of the truck 
● Trucks spare parts manufacturer 
● Others 

If you are in need of the best St. Louis MO Trucking Accident Attorney, then you must work with trusted firms like the TorHoerman Law LLC. They have an excellent track record of helping their clients get awarded with the best compensations in the least possible time. 

There can be many reasons for truck accidents, some of them are: 

Overloading Of Trucks - Some transport companies illegally load more weight than what they are allowed. Search vehicles are prone to accidents, because the driver will find it more difficult to maneuver an overloaded truck. 

Extreme Weather Conditions - In states like Missouri, the frequencies of accidents increase during the hazardous weather conditions due to snow. 

High Traffic - traffic can also cause accidents, which are commonly seen on the highways close to St. Louis downtown. 

 Jackknifing - the twisting of the joint attaching the truck and the trailer can make the vehicle go completely out of control. These types of accidents commonly occur during the snowy conditions. 

Apart from the above mentioned situations, truck accidents can also happen because of other reasons like, driver fatigue, night driving, vehicle breakdown, negligence from the trucking company, poor roads, and also due to distracted driving. 

When you meet with a truck accident, your first priority is to make sure that your physical injury is taken care of. If required, you should also get admitted in a hospital. Your accident attorney will immediately start doing the groundwork to build a strong case in your favor. 

The process will start with the collection of evidences and documenting them. Generally they collect data like: 

● Black box data 
● Logbook data 
● Driving and medical history of the driver, to check if he is a repeat offender. 
● They take pictures of the accident scene, in order to collect vital information like skid marks and other damages caused around the place. 
● They also pull out reports on truck inspections 
● Recordings from eye witnesses 
● etc 

There can be many different types of evidences, other than the ones mentioned above. Your lawyer will work closely with you and keep you updated with all the development that takes place during the automotive lawsuit process.

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