Five Features Of A Great College Essay

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Essays are a primary part of your college application process. You should present yourself in your writing in the best way. Like a pianist on a recital, this task is your chance to impress the admission officers, tell a creative story of your own, and show what you can do. You can simply share your life experience or something that has affected you. 

What Distinguishes You From Others 

The best way to set yourself apart from others is to express your story in your own voice. Use the first-person point of view as the admission officers are waiting to find out what you think, how you feel, and how you express yourself. Sharing your summer camp experience or establishing your own business story can be tiresome to the admission officers. The committee wants to read an engaging, genuine, and honest story. Avoid repetitive topics. 

There is no specific prescription for a good college article. It’s probably difficult for you to start writing as it sounds distressing and painful to most students. But there’s no need to worry when you know what is expected from you and how you can put your ideas on paper. However, if you’re not good enough at this skill, you might ask, “can someone write my essay?” Or if you can’t finish your assignment alone, you can ask yourself, “is it okay to ask someone to help write my essay?” Yes, it is possible to reach out to custom essay writing services that provide you professional services. 

1. Presentation And Format 

The first impression is critical because most people judge by appearance. No matter how strong the content, the admission officers will first care about your presentation. No one likes messy, disorganized work. Follow a tidy, clean, and coherent structure throughout the text. 

It’s better to start with a question or use an interesting quote. Give information, examples, and pieces of evidence to the reader through a logical structure. Admission officers want to know that a student can link the ideas to the current world with reasoning and arguments. 

2. Key Qualities Of A Good College Work 

Any excellent paper of any type should have some characteristics to deserve the first-rate mark. Here, we’ll review some features that make your work stand out. An excellent article is characterized by focus, development, honesty and originality, unity, coherence, and stellar accuracy. 

I. Focus 

The ability to stay on track is the key to the success of each college paper. You’ll need a central idea that is clearly stated in the work. You’re also supposed to write about the first thing that comes to your mind. Choose a topic and stick to it throughout the paper. 

II. Development 

Once the focus is established, it’s time to expand. Examples, details, and descriptive statements are your tools at this stage to support and clarify the main idea of each paragraph. Develop three sections of your work:
a. Introduction:  an introductory paragraph explaining the purpose (focus) of your work. It can be one or two paragraphs depending on the word count. 

b. Body:  the central idea is clarified with examples in several paragraphs. In the body, you can develop your purpose. 

c. Conclusion:  the final section reiterates the main points briefly. It concludes the whole essay in one or two short paragraphs. 

3. Honesty And Originality 

Don’t copy and paste someone else’s experience and present it as yours. It is a direct sign of plagiarism. Honesty is the best policy! Just try to stand out from dozens of similar essays and describe your position. To be original, ask your classmates what ideas they are going to cover. Keep away from their topics in your writing. 

4. Unity And Coherence 

Once you included the necessary points, it’s time to outline your work. All paragraphs in your writing should support and stick to the central idea. Another important factor is that the paragraphs should follow a sensible order. Coherence gives you a logical structure for your work in which the main ideas flow evenly. 

5. Proofreading And Feedback 

Read your work several times to check it for typos as well as spelling and grammar errors. Ask another person, such as a teacher, family member, or friend to edit your project. Proofreading can ensure that your task is free of errors. The text should make sense to the proofreaders. Think about their feedback and make corrections if needed. A well-written article is relatively error-free and has proper standard English sentences. 

Excel With Your College Essay Assignment

A good college essay reveals the personality and individuality of its author. Your ideas and perspectives should be expressed with creativity and reasoning. There should be a logical connection and order right from the first paragraph to the last one. Develop your main ideas by arguments from the introduction to the body and the conclusion. Remember - outstanding work is always free of spelling and grammar errors.

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