Pros And Cons Of A White Label Trading Platform

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A white label trading platform is a necessity if you are a forex trader. Recommended as one of the best platforms, they provide a host of services that keep them ahead of other brokers. The trading platform has an in-built collection of indicators, that enhance the trading experience for the users. 

If you are a brokerage firm who is looking for a secure trading platform, look no further. It provides numerous benefits to its users, which helps the trading community. Forex trading cab e really difficult, especially if you are new to it. 

With the multiple charts to track and even more complexities involved in the trading, it becomes important to have a secure platform. A white label is what you must look for. 

Selecting the white label solution might be difficult for you. Yet, if you are looking for the perfect checklist for selecting it, here you are in the right place. 

Following is an exhaustive list of the points you must keep in mind while selecting the white label solution. 

The Credibility Of The Platform

The credibility of the platform plays a major role in selecting the white label solution. Since a huge amount of transactions shall be handled on an overseas market, a platform with enhanced ease and security shall rank higher. 

Ease Of Handling

In a nutshell, forex markets involve huge complexity. So, a trading platform that reduces the complexity by making it simpler to track the markets is preferred. It is regarded as an important benchmark for the selection of the platform. 

Execution Speed

To understand it better, you can lose almost 30% of the trade within a fraction of seconds, if you delay placing the order. This is why a fast trading platform is very much necessary. The execution speed of the platform has to be brisk and fast enough to hit the trades soon. 

Ease Of Maintenance

If you hire a trading platform for your brokerage firm, you must ensure that the maintenance cost is minimal. This is to ensure that your label solution gives an end to end integration. Perfect after-sale service is a great way to rate the services of a trading platform. 

In the case of a MT 4 Label, there are multiple platforms that provide excellent solutions for trading. The components include a holistic control over the entire platform, thus enhancing user experience. 

Various components include: 

• Terminals for the client 
• Mobile 
• Server 
• Administrator 
• Manager 
• Datacenter 

Though there a numerous benefits of using an MT4 solution, there are certain disadvantages too. Let us look at some of the cons related to MT 4 solutions: 

• Limitation in terms of accessing the features of the MT 4 white label solution as you are renting the platform of a third party. Since this restricts the freedom of action, you will lose control of accessing all the plug-ins as you are using a third-party product. 

• Renting the white label can be a real issue when your clients grow in numbers. The concept of economies of scale doesn’t apply in this case. 

Forex Final Thoughts

Keep these tips in mind when it comes to MT4 and forex trading in general! It's time to find your FX fortune.

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