SL Casino Celebrated 2 Years Of Work Together With Stand Up Show

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SL Casino - one of the best VIP casinos in Riga, celebrated two years of successful work in Latvia. The stand-up duet “Zaitsev Sisters” became this festive event’s main stars. As well as guests are waited for other surprises in honor of the unit birthday. The event took place on December 14, 2019, and the comedians performance was scheduled for 21:00. 

Elegant SL Casino is located in the most unique hotel in the Latvian capital, in the Grand Hotel Kempinski. This means that guests come to relax in the very center of old Riga in the majestic historical building of the previously famous Rome Hotel, founded in the 19th century. SL is a part of Storm International, Darren Keane is a managing director, Michael Boettcher is a founder. 

Exquisite art deco interiors, brand symbols, valuable wood furniture, thoughtful lighting and original d├ęcor’s items create very discreet luxury atmosphere, which is ideal for a good holiday. In the casino, all visitors are greeted as the dearest guests. The staff speaks several languages, Latvian, Russian and English, so everyone here will feel like at home. The language barrier is simply absent. 

In SL it is nice to enjoy your vacation alone or in the company of friends. To extend the pleasure for several days, it is worth ordering Riga junket tour. There are all kinds of casino games, ranging from classic slots to all the popular table games. The first casino floor is fully occupied by slot rooms, and next to them there is a small but very cozy sports bar. A separate entrance leads here, so you don’t have to go to the hotel. 

The second floor is divided into several zones: table games, lounge area, VIP room. Dealers at ten tables offer to try your luck at American roulette, blackjack and several varieties of poker. In the lounge area on comfortable sofas it’s nice to relax and enjoy a conversation, or dine at the neat little tables. 

Also the brand feature is the work of X. O. VIP club on the casino basis. This club operates in a specially equipped indoor VIP-hall. Access is via club cards, and guests are guaranteed complete security and privacy. Here the game is played with the highest possible stakes, and the winnings, respectively, are very high. 

In addition, prize draws are held several times a week. They are attended by absolutely all guests who made at least one bet the day before. The manager needs to get tickets to participate in the draw, and on the day of the lottery it is enough just to be present in the hall to receive up to 3000 euros. In honor of the holidays and significant events, SL Casino holds raffles of even larger prizes. By the way, this is a traditional “feature” of the entire Shangri La network, to which this unit belongs. 

Casino birthday parties is another Shangri La network’s good tradition. Therefore, SL Riga Casino celebrated its second birthday. Guests got a lot of vivid impressions together with the stand-up duet “Zaitsev Sisters” on December 14, 2019. Casino management prepared other pleasant surprises for players. They kept them in secret until the last moment to guarantee a surge of adrenaline during the festive evening. 

SL also offers to extend the feeling of the holiday to everyone, for this special game tours to Latvia have been developed. They can be ordered by phone on any convenient days. The peculiarity of such tours is that the guest only pays for the game chips, and receives the whole range of services for free. And this is a lot, because travelers are accommodated in comfortable Kempinski rooms, provided with transfer, food and drinks for the entire stay. Under certain conditions, you can expect to reimburse the cost of air travel, personal excursions in Riga and its environs, as well as individual services. The casino is doing everything possible so that guests get the most pleasant experience! 

For more information about SL Casino, please visit the official website:

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