I-COIN.IO Beginner Guide To Successful Trading

i-coin beginner guide successful cryptocurrency trading

Our virtual realities are consistently being developed at a rapid pace; it is no surprise that the virtual stock markets such as cryptocurrencies are on the rise. The public interest is consistently growing, with more and more people interested in the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies. It is now more than ever extremely important for people to be aware of the risk associated with the crypto world. 

We at I-COIN.IO have set out 5 rules to assist you with making an informed decision and minimizing your risk, when deciding on a cryptocurrency platform: 

1. Don’t Blindly Follow Others 

Every trader is different and has a different level of experience, so it doesn’t make sense to choose a platform just because it suits another trader’s needs. Instead of simply going for whatever somebody recommends, choose a platform after considering your own needs. Chat to your broker and evaluate the information you receive before making your choice. 

2. Pick A Platform That’s User-Friendly 

Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to achieve a goal but failing to do so because of the complex nature of the tools being utilized. The same applies to trading platforms. If it is your first-time trading or you are still inexperienced, we suggest that you use a user-friendly platform such as I-COIN.IO. The platform should be intuitive, which means that basic functionality should be clear. Once you have gained the required experience in cryptocurrency trading, any platform can be used to trade. Read more about I-COIN.IO here. 

3. Stick To The Basics 

Trading platforms should always be considered in line with your trading needs and requirements. Beginners will learn quicker and show faster progress, if they start with a basic platform. There is no need for a beginner to worry about addition features as it is not necessary and will only frustrate your trading experience. Once you have gained a bit of trading knowledge and familiarized yourself with a basic platform, you can then upgrade to a more sophisticated trading platform. I-COIN.IO is a good example of what a beginner trader should use. 

4. Stability And Performance 

Always ensure that the platform you have chosen is compatible with your hardware and software. The last thing that any person wants whilst working with money is to use a platform which is unstable. 

5. Support 

The platform you choose should not only suit your needs but also suit your broker who needs to be able to work with it. When you are trading, the support you have is vital, especially in the beginning when you are still learning the ropes. Make sure that your broker is on board with the platform you choose and also make sure that the platform has a high level of support on offer. 

Crypto Conclusion

If you observe and apply these five tips, selecting a cryptocurrency trading platform doesn’t have to be a daunting or high-risk task. 

At WWW.I-COIN.IO we promise top quality Customer support for new traders. Our dedicated team of agents can walk you through your first steps in the trading world.

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