How To Get Your Contract Signed Quicker

how to get business contract signed

Regardless of the industry that your company is in, there will come several instances where you offer a contract for your client/fellow businesses to sign.

An agreement has been reached, the details have been worked out, and now all that's left to do is have them sign on the dotted line.

Even still, there may be a few factors that are prolonging the signature from happening. It could be bad experiences in the past (with other companies) or just a few missing details.

Regardless, there are things you can be doing to get that contract signed quicker.

Time is money for both sides; here are ways that you can expedite the contract signing process and get things in motion.

1. Find the Head Honcho

Sales 101 tells you that the sales process moves much faster the higher ranking that the person you're working with has in their company.

Doesn't matter who you negotiate with, there's only one type of person that can sign off on any of their company's spending: the decision-maker.

Fortunately, there could be several decision-makers in the company... you just need to find and work with one. The more you work with them, the less messenger running there will be to drag out the contract portion.

2. In-Depth Contact Details

As previously mentioned, your customer could've had a bad experience the last time they signed a contract like yours. 

Fair or not, it's now up to you to reassure them that bad experience won't happen twice. To do that, be as transparent as possible and include in-depth contact information of you and your business.

It will make them feel more comfortable with you as a company being held to your word. Prove to them that your service isn't too good to be true and that you stand by the terms you agree to.

3. Understand the Client's Objectives

The only reason you've gotten to the point of a contract offer is that your client sees a need for your service. Your company somehow lines up with the internal goals they've set.

If you don't understand what those goals are, you're setting you and your client up for a rough experience.

Take time during the sales process to understand the goals they have and how your product fulfills that need.

4. Lay Down Specific Steps

Now you know what the client ultimately wants to achieve and how your product lines up with it... what are you prepared to do about it?

Use the contract to list out specific steps and services your company will provide the client to meet the end result. Anyone can say they'll finish a project, far fewer will list out the steps to get there. 

It shows accountability. You're a solid company, you've got nothing to hide.

5. Provide a Free Example

Who doesn't love a free sample of a product or service that they're interested in buying?

You want them to sign the contract quicker? Give them a free taste of the level of service your company provides, and they'll be begging you to set up a contract for them to sign.

Things like free consultations, checkups, or a "first purchase free" promotion are a great way to incentivize. 

6. Firmly Layout the Payment Details

This can be the most taboo portion of the contract for some if you let it be. But it's a necessary part of the process to protect everyone involved.

List out things such as the agreed payment amount for service, how the client will pay you, when the client will pay you, etc. to make both sides comfortable.

You don't just want them to sign, you want to grow a business relationship for years to come. This is the first step towards that.

7. Communication

The best way of setting an expectation for your client on your customer service is by doing so before they sign.

Find different ways of making sales touchpoints whenever and wherever possible.

Things such as phone calls, emails, and hand-written cards go a long way with your decision-maker and quicken the sales process. They'll have far more confidence in signing the contract when it comes time to do so.

8. Take Time to Read Through the Contract

The worst thing that you can say when a client asks you a question about the contract you hand them is "I don't know".

That will turn them off to signing the contract entirely or take you back to square one: convincing them of your service.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the contract. If you didn't personally write it up, that's okay. Just look over it and get a general understanding of what it entails.

9. Lay Out Next Steps

Your client will want to know what happens after they sign the contract before they do so. 

As you're laying the contract down on the table, explain to them what your company policy is for the next steps. When does the service start?

Set a schedule beforehand. That sets the expectation that they will sign and become a client of yours simultaneously.

10. Have Confidence

Handing over a contract can be an intimidating portion to the party that's handing it over. A million thoughts are racing through your head.

Boasting confidence shows the client that you've been through this portion of the sale countless times and they have nothing to worry about.

Simply layout the printed or online contract signing application of your company and let them know what happens next.

Have Your Contract Signed Much Quicker with These Steps

Now that you've seen the necessary steps to getting your contract signed faster, it's time to take a self-assessment.

Which of these do you do well? Which of them do you need to work on and/or incorporate into your sales technique?

Be sure to read more of our articles for more pointers on helping you succeed in business! And make sure to read our Law section before you sign your life away with any dubious contracts!

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