7 Start-Up Products That Are Transforming The Way We Sleep

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Over the last few years, there have been some incredible leaps in the field of sleep. Yes… sleep. 

For most people, sleep isn’t exactly the first thing that comes into their minds when they think of technology. However, there have been many companies that have delved into start-up projects that utilise the latest innovations in sleep AI technology to enhance the quality of sleep of their buyers. 

Let’s take a look into seven of these new start-up products that have transformed the way in which we look at sleep. 

The iBand

This sophisticated headband is capable of sensing brain waves with ultra-high accuracy and uses its auto-learning software algorithm to meticulously adjust audio-visual signals, with the RGB LEDs and iBand+ pillow speakers, in order to; induce lucid dreams, make falling asleep effortless and make waking up natural and smooth. 

The ability to induce lucid dreaming is a fascinating aspect of iBand. It does this by heightening the audio-visual signals during the REM phase of sleep, which has been shown to induce lucid dreams. 

What do lucid dreams do? Well, it puts people in a state where they can control their dreams without waking up – scientifically proven to boost creativity, problem-solving skills, sports skills, linguistic skills and much more! 

The iBand also has the ability to use its health tracking sensors to measure body movement, body temperature and heart rate. With over £1.1 million raised so far in Indiegogo, the iBand start-up product is definitely worth keeping an eye on! 

The Rockubot

This robot is laser-focused on reducing germs and airborne viruses from the bed – drastically reducing the chances of anyone getting caught with an illness or disease. How does it do this, you ask? 

Well, the Rockubot uses UV-C light and ultrasonic wave technology to eradicate bacteria, mites and germs – proven to successfully kill 99% of bacteria and a remarkable 100% of mites. 

The robot effortlessly avoids obstacles and can navigate through any terrain automatically using its 24 sensors and sophisticated navigation system. Of course, users are also free to manually control the Rockubot to clean any surface they wish – whether it’s phones, remotes, tables, pillows and more! 

For increased safety and security, the start-up product is already FCC, CE and SGS certified. 

The Hush Iced

With the idea initially conceived in September 2017, the Hush Iced is a blanket that is specifically designed to be the perfect summer companion! A cooler version of its predecessor 'Hush Blanket', the Hush Iced prevents users from overeating – reducing body temperature for a cosy and restful sleep. 

The blanket utilises the benefits of deep touch pressure therapy to relax the nervous system through reducing cortisol levels, at the same time boosting serotonin and melatonin levels. Thus, not only does the product help make sleep effortless and comfortable, it also improves moods and decreases anxiety. 

The Kryo Sleep Performance System

The Kryo sleep performance system, now known as Ooler Sleep System, is a heating and cooling mattress topper that cools down the sleeping environment to 60 degrees Fahrenheit proven to be the optimum temperature for sleep. This means that users can achieve one extra hour of REM/deep sleep, improving problem-solving skills, creativity and much more! 

The device can be integrated with sleep tracking devices, using your sleep data to maximise the quality of user’s sleep. The warm awake feature ultimately triumphs over abrupt alarms, helping users drift from deep sleep to a natural awakening. 

Supported by studies, the Kyro Sleep Parlance System boosts weight loss, enhances cognitive thinking and accelerates muscle recovery. 

The Banala Lite

The Banala Lite Utilises isochronic sound technology to improve the quality of sleep of its users, every night! 

The smart sleep-cycle inducing product uses theta isochronic tone to overpower beta waves that prevent a person from falling asleep, which makes falling asleep much faster – while also making users experience a night of deeper sleep. This means that users will have a much healthier sleep cycle that allows them to wake up and live out their day with energy and sharpness. 

The URGOnight

This non-invasive headband allows users to take control and learn how to put themselves to sleep 40% faster than ever before! 

All users need to do is wear the headband and complete 20-minute brain-controlled exercises, based upon neurofeedback, on their phone three times a week. Within three months, users will be able to naturally put themselves to sleep – which means no dependence on pills! 

How does it work? The headband measures brain activity and sends it to your phone. You then work on brain-control exercises to gain the ability to effortlessly tweak your brain activity – crucial to fall asleep on command. 

The Circadia System Tracker

This remarkable contactless tracker can be placed on bedroom walls while it scans your body to monitor heart rate, respiration and body movement – capturing biometric signals a mind- blowing 100 million times a second! 

Its environmental sensors collaborate with the Circadia app to detect humidity, temperature, light and sound to determine how your environment affects your sleep. As well as that, users are also able to examine their internal body clock to determine when they will be most alert, when they will begin to feel tired and when it’s time to fall asleep. 

Furthermore, Circadia’s smart wakeup alarm uses real-time data from your sleep to create audio-visual signals that create the perfect environment to wake up to! 


Those were seven start-up products that are designed to help people to be the best they can be during the day, by enhancing their sleep during the night. As a technology that was previously enclosed the medical and lab facilities become open to the public, more and more products are sure to be released – all with the potential to completely transform how we sleep.

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