Energy Saving Tips For SMEs

josco energy saving tips for smes

Measures geared towards energy efficiency could immensely help businesses in energy saving. 10 to 20% of energy could be saved by the use of low or no-cost steps channeled towards energy efficiency. More savings can be achieved with little investments. 

Making sure that we strive to see to it that all our business clients achieve better energy efficiency is our pledge at Josco Energy. A variety of precise energy efficiency tips have been developed by our experts. These tips can aid your business in achieving sustainability and the reduction of energy costs. 

Below are tips that can help you to save money within various areas of your business. These include areas such as heating and lighting. Assistance and guidance are also provided by our energy efficiency officers. Additionally, we can explain how you can go about a business energy efficiency action plan. 

Energy Saving Tips For SMEs 

- Ensure that lights are always switched off within rooms that aren't occupied. Still, install sensors. The reduction of lighting use could be achieved through proper installation. For areas such as toilets and meeting rooms, movement detectors should be installed to help control lighting. Such rooms aren't used constantly. 

- Turn off the lights. Open the curtains to let some natural light in. Where possible, employ the use of Retrofit lamps. Full lighting refits can be more costly than retrofits. Nevertheless, as years pass, a return on investment is observed. 

- Ensure that you go for light bulbs that have low-energy ratings. Go for slim-line tubes rather than standard fluorescent tubes. 

- Always make sure that office equipment such as faxes, projectors, printers, display TVs, and photocopiers are always in energy saver mode. Simple timers should be set to make it easier for them to automatically switch off during weekends and overnight. Moreover, switch off desk-lamp transformers, laptop chargers, and phones when you aren't using them. 

- The responsibility of heating controls needs to be delegated to one individual. 

- An energy lead should be chosen within your business. A close working relationship is needed with this lead. Heating Policies may be enforced within large companies. Such policies contain the times and temperatures for cooling and heating. They are handed over to every employee. 

- To do away with constant heating and cooling, an ideal medium temperature needs to be set. Temperatures of about 19 to 24 degrees Celsius set within the air conditioner can achieve this result. 

- Set an ideal temperature so that your fridge does not freeze. 

- During weekends and overnights, ensure that drink machines are turned off. 

- Opt for an instant boiling water dispenser rather than a boiler or kettle. 

At Josco, we aim to help our business customers pay lower bills by ensuring they become more energy efficient.

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