Can Life Coaching Help Startups Deal With Stress?

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Running a business is quite difficult and demanding when you consider the amount of work that is involved. It’s quite common for a new entrepreneur to get caught up in the excitement of launching a new venture only to find themselves overwhelmed and stressed out from all of the work involved which is why some are now hiring a life coach. 

One of the biggest challenges a new startup will face is managing all the tasks in an efficient manner while putting out fires and solving problems along the way. It goes without saying that multitasking is going to be critical if you want to see your business come to fruition and thrive. 

The Life Coach 

Approach When it comes to productivity and handling stress, a coach can be very beneficial because they can help you see the big picture of everything that needs to get done and then provide you a simple plan of how to get there so you don’t feel over burdened. 

“One of the things I do with my clients is use a tool called chunking in where I help them create the steps and action plan to achieve their goals so that they don’t become overwhelmed” says David Adams, a virtual coach who works with his clients online." 

“Very often I see a lot of people get stuck because they inundate themselves with too much work thinking that they can do it all. Unfortunately many of these young entrepreneurs see people like Gary Vee talk about hustling and then they overwork themselves too much to the point where they can hardly function properly.” 

This is where life coaching can be very powerful in helping you not get stressed because it allows you to see what needs to be done in a way where your brain will not become overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. 

Life Coaching Is Not Counseling 

As a bond is formed during the coaching process, it can be quite natural for the individual to feel a connection with their coach where they might be inclined to want to start talking about more vulnerable issues they are facing in life. Things like anxiety, depression, or problems at home might begin to surface in the interactions. 

However it should be notes that a life coach’s main goal to help you deal with stress is to provide you specific tools to manage your time and be more effective while working in the day to day. What they cannot do is help you alleviate old trauma or issues that could be causing you some form of psychological distress. 

“We do not do counseling” says Mr. Adams. “Our main objective is to support our clients through a process in which they can be more productive and effective in their day to day engagement so that they can move forward. If they have old issues that is causing them some form of emotional problem, then they will need to see out a psychologist of some sort.” 

So all in all, yes life coaching can helps startup founders and entrepreneurs to deal with stress in a more positive manner!

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