4 Top Tips for Effective Management Success

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We all dream of the day — we work hard for years, and when our superiors recognize our ambition, we’re promoted to manager.

A manager position offers more than just a better paycheck; it’s our chance to prove we’re amazing leaders.

But are you an amazing leader? You likely just walked into your first day of work as a manager and winged it. That’s because 58% of managers don’t receive any management training.

So what makes a great manager and what makes a less-than-great boss? If you’re looking for nothing short of management success, keep these 5 tips in mind.

1. Find a Mentor

Even if you were trained in your department as a manager, a mentor still ensures you have what it takes to effectively lead your team.

Who should be your mentor? First, find a colleague who’s also a manager.

Your mentor doesn’t have to work in the same position or even in the same industry — this individual should have experience leading a team and can give you constructive advice.

It’s also beneficial to seek mentorship from one of your superiors. Ask them to watch over you and they can offer advice and feedback.

2. Learn the Unique Processes of the Company

While all managers have similarities, no company is like the one you work for. As a manager, you’re the one giving life to the job. Memorize the processes of your company and know what makes these processes so great.

In addition, live and breathe the company’s branding and culture. This will help entice your staff to feel enthusiastic about working for you and for the company.

3. Your Employees Don’t Have to Like You — But They Should

Is being well-liked your top priority as a manager? No. But should you strive to engage and connect with your employees? Most definitely.

50% of employees quit their job because of their managers.

Poor leaders let their position and their ego get to their heads. A great leader is someone who is kind to their staff and respects their workers. In addition, your workers should feel like they trust you and they should never fear you.

4. Build Effective Relationships

Managers have more responsibilities than just your general job duties. A major part of any manager’s role is to build effective relationships all across the board.

Take this into account when working with your staff, executives, and other colleagues.

Remember this advice when you’re working out challenges with your staff, scheduling meetings, and planning major company changes with executives.

You’re on Your Way to Management Success!

Have you ever looked up to managers in your career? They make management success look easy!

But you can also be an effective leader. Build effective relationships, keep a good rapport with your staff, find a mentor, and memorize the company’s processes.

Need more management advice? We offer more resources you’ll find useful! Continue reading our blog.

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