Is It Prostate Cancer Or Something Else?

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Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate which is a small walnut-shaped gland present in men which produces the seminal fluid which can nourish and is able to transport sperm. Prostate cancer is common cancer in men. Some of the prostate cancer grow slowly and some of them are aggressive which can harm in the long term. Prostate cancer is detected earlier has a better chance of successful treatment. 

Prostate Cancer Symptoms 

There are no symptoms or signs of prostate cancer in the early stages. Prostate cancer which is more advanced can cause signs and symptoms like: 

● Blood in semen 
● Bone pain 
● Erectile dysfunction 
● Discomfort in your pelvic area 
● Trouble in urination 

Prostate Cancer Causes 

It’s not at all clear what really causes prostate cancer. According to doctors, prostate cancer begins when some of the cells in your prostate becomes abnormal. Some mutations in the DNA can cause the cells to grow and divide rapidly than normal cells do. Abnormal cells survive, while the other cells would die. Some abnormal cells can break off and can spread to other parts of the body. 

Prostate Cancer Risk Factors 

There are factors which can increase the risk of prostate cancer which include: 

● Family history: If men in your family were suffering from prostate cancer, then your risk might be increased. If you have a family history of genes which increases breast cancer, the chances of prostate cancer can be higher. 

● Obesity: Obese men are diagnosed with prostate cancer are likely to have an advanced disease which is more difficult to treat. Prostate cancer complications The complications of prostate cancer and treatments include: 

● Metastasizes: Prostate cancer can easily spread to the nearby organs like your bladder or can travel via your bloodstream to other organs. Prostate cancer which gets spread to bones can cause pain. When the prostate cancer spread to other parts of the body, it still can be controlled but it’s unlikely to get cured. 

● Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction can occur because of the result of prostate cancer which can include surgery, hormone treatments. You can take medications, vacuum devices which will help to achieve the erection. 

● Incontinence: Prostate cancer and treatment can lead to urinary incontinence. The treatment for incontinence depends on what type you have, the likelihood it will improve over time. 

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis 

Discuss your situation and the benefits with your doctor. You can decide whether prostate cancer screening is right for you or not. Prostate screening might include: 

● PSA test: A blood sample will be drawn from the vein in your arm and it will be analyzed for PSA. It’s normal for the small amount of PSA to be there in the bloodstream. If there is a higher level then it might indicate prostate infection. 

● DRE: During a DRE, the doctor will insert a lubricated finger into the rectum to check the prostate, which is near to the rectum. 

There are some further tests which your doctor will recommend to determine whether you are having prostate cancer: 

● MRI fusion: MRI fusion is able to help in prostate biopsy and diagnosis is used more and more. 

● Ultrasound: If some other tests raise any concerns, the doctor can use transrectal ultrasound to examine your prostate. A small shaped probe is inserted into the rectum. The sound waves help to create the picture of the prostate gland. 

Prostate Cancer Treatment 

The treatment of prostate cancer will depend on various factors, like how fast cancer is spreading, on your overall health, side effects of the treatment. The sooner you treat prostate cancer, the better chances you have of a full recovery or living a longer life.

Surgery To Remove The Prostate 

Surgery for prostate cancer means removing the prostate gland, surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. 

● The incision in your abdomen: During the retropubic surgery, the prostate gland is taken out via the incision in the lower abdomen. 

● Using a robot to help with the surgery: In the procedure of robot-assisted surgery, instruments are attached to the mechanical device and is inserted into the abdomen via several small incisions. Robotic prostatectomy can allow the surgeon to make precise movements with the help of surgical tools. 

Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer 

In radiation therapy uses high-powered energy to kill all the cancer cells. Prostate cancer radiation therapy can be done in two ways: 

● Radiation placed inside the body: Brachytherapy means placing the rice-sized radioactive seeds in the prostate tissue. These seeds will deliver a low dose of the radiation over a long period of time. The doctor will implant the radioactive seeds in the prostate with the help of a needle. 

● External beam radiation: During the procedure of external beam radiation therapy, you will lie on a table while the machine moves around the body, emitting high-powered energy beams, like x-rays to your prostate cancer. 

Prostate Cancer Prevention 

You can easily reduce the risk of prostate cancer if you will follow these steps: 

● Eat healthy foods over supplements: You should choose foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals so that you are able to maintain healthy levels of vitamins in your body. 

● Exercise daily, if possible: Exercise will improve your overall health. It will help you to maintain the weight and it also improves your mood. 

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