Is PVC Sign Printing Right For Your Business?

pvc sign printing business branding

You can make a lot of things out of PVC. Perhaps the most common use is piping. Anytime you walk into a hardware store you are bound to find plenty of indoor piping made out of PVC. You can also find piping and siding made of PVC. But its uses are not just limited to the construction industry. PVC is extremely versatile and can also be used for things like blood bags in the medical industry, wire and cable insulation, and even certain components on automobiles. 

With all these different uses of PVC, one we don’t often think about is signage. But in fact, PVC is one of the most versatile and durable materials for making cheap signage. PVC sign boards are especially good for outdoor uses where they will be exposed to the elements, since they are able to resist this much better than some other materials. After all, have you ever seen PVC rust? 

You can purchase a PVC sign for less than ten dollars. This is perhaps one of the cheapest options in the signage world, as most other custom printed signs will cost a least a few dozen dollars. As with anything, the more of them you buy, the smaller the price of each individual item will be. 

The uses of PVC signs are endless as well. You’ve probably encountered them several times already today. Everything from the “We’re open” sign hanging in the window of the cafĂ© you went to for lunch to the signs in the parking garage you saw as you drove by in your car trying to find a place to park for work. When you take your kids to the pool later today to swim, chances are you will see a plastic sign there stating the pool’s rules and policies. Some restaurants will use them for their menus as well, especially when they will be posted outside and exposed to the weather. 

To create these signs, printers take a smooth, rigid plastic perspex made of – you guessed it – PVC and use high resolution printers going edge to edge to print your unique message on the sign. If you are considering ordering these signs online, you ought to look into the materials, especially the plastics and colorings used by the printer, to make sure that they are up to snuff. 

Most printers offer an easy customization process where you can upload your graphics digitally and have your sign sized and designed in a few short steps. After this, you can see price estimates, including shipping, and have it delivered to your business or residence in a few short days. There is often also an option for rushed shipping, where you pay slightly more to have the signs jump to the front of the queue and have them delivered right away. If you have a last minute event, this is the option for you. 

Overall PVC sign boards are a great option for anyone that needs a cheap, durable sign that is just as good outdoors as it is indoors. What are you waiting for!

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