Estate Sales 101: 7 Tips to Find the Best Items

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Buying the best estate property or antiques is not an easy task. Don’t worry, a leading firm provides estate sales operations for the best fine art, antiques, and collectibles.

Visitors have many choices from old to newest real estate property. You should plan well before attending estate sales to understand the auctioneer’s expectations.

Are you thinking about visiting some estate sales? Before you go, check out these essential tips to finding the best items on the lot.

Find Estate Sales

The first and most important step is to find local sites and places that hold estate sales before even participating in one. If you don’t know where to find estate sales, go to,,, and other sites. You could try your local newspaper or real estate firms that have first-hand information about sale sites.

Engage in advance research to know which items will be auctioned, know the place, and time. Most of these websites offer preview services online that are vital for knowing the exact item you are looking for. Once you have found what you want, make a call and prior visits to ascertain the price and condition of the property or item.  

Arrive Early for the Best Deal

Estate sales have huge crowds as everyone is looking for the best deal. Only the early bird gets the worm during the shopping experience. Try to attend another auctioning party to preview the way business is done to know the basis of participating in a real estate sales experience.

Learn to know where to find estate sales and attend several before making an actual deal. Once you have made up your mind to participate in an auction, wake up earlier than usual to beat the traffic.

Arrive before the sales begin and pick your service number even before taking your coffee. You have the freedom to walk around for pleasure after taking the ticket number.

Stay in the line once ready and wait for your number to attend the estate sale. Take your time to ask relevant questions that can clarify any uncertainties about a real estate property or antique item.

Buy Late for the Best Bargain

The first few days of estate sales are not the best to make a deal as people rush to make bids. Instead of bidding during the rush hour, make an offer during the last days of the estate sale shopping. Get time to know the pros and cons of the property on sale before making a conclusive deal.

A late offer is likely to attract a huge bargain compared to offers made during the first few days. Make sure you bargain based on your evaluation instead of using their information.

Usually, a winning bid comes towards the end of the estate sale shopping. Arrange to deal before the close of the auction with a refundable deposit when you accept and register a bid.  

Know the Best Payment Method

Get to know the most appropriate and acceptable payment methods. Real estate agents have different policies on payment and can adjust according to your needs. Thus, make a visit or call them to know their payment guidelines in advance before participating in the event.

Knowing their policies in advance will help you to stay ahead of your competitor. Some of these estate sales require you to pay with a personal or business cheque.

Some accept bank transfers while others allow a debit card. You should remember that cash is not allowed in the auction room due to anti-money laundering regulations. Check for other requirements that include a buyer’s premium.

Set a Maximum Cash Limit

You should read estate sale tips to know the rule of limiting your bid to the maximum you’re willing to spend. Set your limit for every real estate property, fine art, or antiques that interest you to avoid misusing funds. Brokers know that auction fever can compel you to pay more than you anticipate resulting in a monetary loss.

Don’t go overboard with your bid. Make room to back out in time before the hammer price to save your finances.

Set a maximum amount per property and know its worth before committing. You had rather pay the right price than incur a loss for a simple item that can cost less.

Secure Your Purchases

Secure all your purchases after making payments. Learn to protect your possessions without leaving them unattended to avoid losing valuables. It is unlikely to sue auctioneers for lost estate credentials.

So, be careful with your purchases and secure them from common thieves. For example, when you have bought an antique, lock it away from the crowd that can filch it.

Inquire About the Status of the Estate Property and Items

Before purchasing any estate property or antique, take time to inquire about their status. When buying an estate, get information about the land lease and former owner’s willingness to hand over the property upon receiving payment.

Before you own an estate, get first-hand information about the house like the garden statuary. Estate sales’ agents are willing to inform as long as you ask. Request to know facts about treatments for bugs, insects, and rodents.

Remember to take your time to understand the value of the estate property. Assess the hardware, lighting, and the status of fixed objects because they affect the final purchasing price. Other examples of interesting things you should know include the arrangement of potted plants.

Stay calm as you preview the security details around the compound. Assess the perimeter wall or fence and find out if the surrounding areas have safety risks. Strive to know the status of the property from the point of view of someone ready to occupy it.

Estate Sales

There is enough for everyone looking for a property, but you must ask questions. Fact-check every aspect of the item you want to buy to know the backstory. Get to know each seller’s minimum expectations and weigh it against your maximum cash limit.

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