7 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your House

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Do you need more space due to your family growing? Are you looking to downsize to a home with little or no maintenance? 

Before you choose a new home, it is wise to at least get your current house listed on the market. 

Ideally, your current house will go under contract around the same time you choose to close on your new location to avoid paying two mortgages. 

We're going to tell you the best-kept secrets for getting any home sold quickly. Keep reading for more information! 

1. It's in the Details

If your house is showing signs of its age, it can be tempting to launch into a full remodel. Unfortunately, full remodeling projects rarely pay off--especially if your entire plan is to place the home for sale. 

Instead of tearing down walls, adding extra bathrooms, or turning your porch into a sunroom, consider smaller, more cost-effective upgrades. These upgrades may include a new coat of paint or replacing doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and plumbing fixtures. 

Additionally, make sure all light bulbs are working, opt to use bulbs with a higher wattage, and be sure to open curtains or blinds before showings. Proper lighting will make small spaces appear bigger and often is a deciding factor when buying a house. 

2. Curb Appeal

Upgrading small items on the inside of the house should not be your only focus. Be sure keep your lawn in shape, add some inexpensive shrubs or flowers, and pressure wash any areas that need it.

Also, repair any broken shutters, clean the windows, and sweep away spiderwebs.

You can always hire a professional for this job, but ornate landscaping is not necessary. As long as your home has a pleasing curb appeal and looks well-kept, buyers will continue asking to view your home due to the fantastic first impression.

3. Take a Chance on Pricing

Pricing a home too high can leave it sitting empty for months on end. This means that you end up paying two mortgages and can only hope that buyers meet your asking price. 

Instead of picking a price solely based on what you owe, the fair-market value, or other comps in the area, cut your price by about 15-20%. A lower-than-average price on a house will intrigue people.

Ideally, multiple people will place bids on your home, creating a bidding war. This will raise your profits, give you leverage in negotiations, and ultimately, help your home sell. 

Houses that sit on the market for a long period of time are often overlooked by potential buyers. New listings will push yours to the end of the line on websites.

Should this happen, or should you become tired of waiting, consider contacting a company that specializes in buying homes at fair-market value. The search term 'we buy any house' will yield helpful results in your area for property purchases. 

4. Your Home is Not Your Own Anymore

Act as though you are a guest staying in a friend's home and get into the habit of keeping your home clean and free of clutter. Fold and put away laundry instead of leaving piles on the couch or bed. Place dishes in the dishwasher. Throw away old paperwork and mail. 

Don't assume that you can 'de-clutter' your home by tossing items into closets or cabinets, either. 

These are places that potential buyers can and will look at during a viewing. They aren't being nosey, they are just envisioning their family and their belongings in their future home. 

5. Be Ready for a Last-Minute Showing

While your home is listed for sale, it must be show-ready at ALL times. You will need to remove most personal effects, including keepsakes and photos. 

It may not be possible to keep your animals in the backyard or garage. If this is the case, opt for a kenneling service. As much as you adore your fur babies, other buyers may not. The smells of animal food, litterboxes, and the sight of pet hair may be enough to turn potential buyers away.

Before you leave for work and the kids leave for school, be sure that all beds are neatly made. Also, consider investing in air fresheners to keep bathrooms and kids' rooms smelling fresh. 

6. The Kitchen is Key

A beautiful home, no matter how well-appointed, will instantly show its age if the kitchen is out of date. If you feel as though you must choose a large project to see returns on your initial investment, the kitchen is the room to invest money. 

Countertops, appliances, the kitchen sink, backsplash, light fixtures, and cabinets are all areas that may require upgrades. Fixing or replacing every item is not a must, but opting for a few improvements will entice buyers. 

The quickest way to update a kitchen is to give cabinets some care. You may choose to paint or completely replace them. After, choose beautiful hardware to compliment the rest of the room. 

7. Experience Vs. Motivation

You can choose to list your home 'for sale by owner.' Or you can choose one of the many realtors in your area. 

There are benefits to listing each way, but opting for a realtor will likely allow you to see more of a profit. In addition to the likelihood of more financial gain, a realtor with more experience likely has a list of interested people and clients. 

This isn't to say that using someone younger or with less experience is a bad idea. New realtors feel as though they have something to prove and may be willing to work that much harder to sell your home. 

Whichever route you choose, just be sure that your realtor is tech-savvy and understands the need for digital exposure. 

Wrapping Up: The Best-Kept Secrets to Selling Your Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments people will make. Selling your home is hoping to see the return on that properties investment. 

If you follow these best-kept secrets when selling your home, you are much more likely to succeed in walking away with a larger real estate profit

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