What Are Keywords and How Can I Use Them?

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Everything in this day and age has become digitalized, even marketing. So you may be left scratching your head, wondering things like "what are keywords?"

Although you may be unfamiliar with digital terms, they're not very hard to grasp. In this article, we'll discuss what keywords are and how you can use them to further your business.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the main terms that your potential customers search for. For example, if you're a toy store, a keyword the majority of your prospective customers may use is "kids' toys."

However, finding out what the hot keywords in your industry are isn't as simple as putting yourself in your customers' shoes. While there are free keyword research tools out there, the world of keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) is so complicated that there are professionals who specialize in this field. This informational review shows you more on agency rank trackers.

How Can I Use Keywords to Further My Business?

Keywords are a primary tool used in something called SEO. The purpose of SEO is to get your website to rank on the first page whenever someone searches for anything related to your services or products. When you pick a highly used keyword and use it in your content (such as your website landing pages and blog posts), it'll cause your website to rank higher.

It used to be that people would fill their content with the keyword as much as they could to get their websites ranking higher, but technology is now smarter. If you use a keyword too many times, you can actually get penalized for doing so, which will cause your site to slide down in rankings.

SEO Is an Art

Because there's a nuance in using keywords at just the right volume, it's highly recommended that you work with a professional. They'd also be experienced and knowledgeable on continually changing best practices, which means they can adjust your strategies so they're never outdated.

Plus, in addition to primary keywords, there are secondary ones. Lots of time and research goes into finding out the optimal usage rates, and that can change in the blink of an eye.

DIY or Freelance SEO

We understand that not everyone has the budget for hiring an in-house SEO specialist, so there are a few alternatives you can try to get your website ranking higher without blowing your budget.

One solution is to use the free keyword research tools we mentioned earlier. Another is to hire a freelance SEO specialist to have them work on your content as a one-time project instead of an ongoing thing. That way, you can just hire them again when you feel like your content needs to be refreshed and you want to rank for more keywords.

Make Your Website Rank High on Google

Now you know the answer to the question "what are keywords?" The right keywords open the door to many SEO opportunities where you can make your website rank high on Google. This will have customers streaming in and profits shooting up.

If you need to do SEO on a budget, then read this article.

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