7 Ways to Save Money with Managed IT Services

ways to save money with managed IT services information technology management professionals

Over 55% of IT services have shifted from vendor managed models to managed service contracts.

Managed services refer to the process of outsourcing the IT network support and management of your company in order to increase business efficiency.

To maximize profits, businesses must ensure operating costs are as low as possible.

Outsourcing of your IT functions can save you some substantial costs. In this article, we will look at how you can save money with managed IT services.

Small Initial Investment

Setting up an internal station for catering for your IT needs can be quite expensive. You may be required to part with thousands of dollars for hardware and software.

By taking up managed IT solutions for your company, you will be able to forgo the initial costs of investing in technology.

For a small monthly fee, you will be able to enjoy all the IT services you need. Additionally, you will not have to worry about updating software, backing up data or upgrading hardware.

All these issues will be addressed by your IT solutions provider.

By opting for this model, you will only incur operational expenses. This will allow you to channel the capital savings to other areas of the business that may need more investment.

Reduced Labor Costs

Most businesses currently get their IT issues resolved by vendors who charge an hourly rate.

This approach can be unfavorable for you in two ways. To begin with, since the vendors are paid an hourly rate, they have no incentive to resolve your issue with haste.

Secondly, they may not offer lasting solutions to your IT challenges as it will result in reduced work in the future.

Many times, large corporations that have very specific technology needs, set up departments to handle their IT. Such a setup requires employing specialized staff and training your current team. This can be quite expensive.

Institutions that outsource these services are able to save money while ensuring that their human resources are only focused on the core activities of the company.

Outsourcing will also ensure that the team handling your IT needs is fully qualified and experienced.

In addition, they are always on call at no extra fee. Since their primary job is providing IT solutions, they will be better placed to train staff on any developments that may arise in the tech field.

Improved User Productivity Will Help You Save Money with Managed IT Services

Technology is an important tool for improving efficiency within your organization. It links employees, departments, branches and even the business to its customers. Regular hitches will impact your business’s ability to hit its targets.

Any time your internal system breaks down, you lose money as your staff cannot work. In fact, IT downtime causes businesses to lose up to 545 hours of productive time. As a result, it costs companies $1.55 million per year.

Easy and Quick Implementation of New Technology

The technology space is always in a state of evolution.

There is always a new software or app being developed that does things differently or allows you to automate some aspect of your business.

To keep up with the developments in software, improvements on hardware are also necessary.

System upgrades can take weeks and even months at times. With the services of an outsourced IT company, you will get all these updates automatically.

This will help insulate you from experiencing downtime as well as the system upgrade costs.

An IT service provider ensures you are always using the best technology which is accompanied by their industry experience.


The support structures of a business need to match its needs every moment. As your business grows, so should your support structures. When using managed IT solutions, it will be easy to scale up your IT needs when necessary.

This ability is extremely beneficial for companies that are in the first years. This is because startups can experience sudden growth or land big clients that may result in increased tech needs.

The flexibility of outsourcing is also beneficial to organizations whose needs vary with seasons.

A simple discussion with your provider is enough to ensure your needs are met. You can change from a solution that caters for 15 to one that can handle 50 in a day or two.

Compliance and Security

Thanks to advancements in technology, data, and money transfer can be done online and instantly.

This has enabled businesses to capitalize on digital platforms to increase sales. However, the technology you use can pose a risk to your company and your customers if proper security measures are not taken.

Cyber-security is a major concern for businesses. It is important to ensure that your client’s data is secure at all times.

This, however, is not a simple task. Hackers are constantly studying security systems and are bettering their trade day by day.

Keeping your data safe requires timely information on new threats. You also need to possess the capacity to make the adjustments needed.

By outsourcing your IT needs, you will not have to worry about implementing PCI compliance standards, if your firewall is up to date or whether you have a DMZ installed.

Predictable Monthly Costs and Ease of Budgeting

For businesses to thrive, it is important that they are able to plan their finances properly. However, when preparing a budget, it can be difficult to accurately anticipate your IT costs if you do not have managed IT services.

When catering for your tech needs in house or when using vendors, you pay as issues arise.

This makes the costs unpredictable and difficult to plan for. By outsourcing managed IT solutions, the charges will be standard, thus making budgeting a lot easier.

Is Outsourcing Your IT Needs Worth It?

It is no secret that you can save money with managed IT services.

Ensuring that your business has a reliable IT landscape is crucial in increasing productivity. If it is well-supported and stable, it will be able to serve your company adequately as it scales.

It does not matter which industry you are in or the size of your company, technology can be extremely beneficial. Find the right partner to work with, and you are on your way to greatness.

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