Educator Education: 5 Essential Teacher Skills

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The United States is home to over 330 million people. While each of those people are unique in an assortment of ways, there is a common thread that binds just about everyone together.

Almost everybody you know has partaken in getting an education to some extent. As a matter of fact, given today's stricter requirements when it comes to primary school, learning in a formal fashion is pretty much an inescapable requirement. When teaching you'll need to come up with graded tests for your students, which can be difficult at times, but you can reference free test papers to help you through that.

Therefore, being an educator is not only an in-demand job but also one that can change lives.

If you are considering a career as an educator, before you go too far down the rabbit hole, ensure that you possess these basic teacher skills that will help pave your way to success. You'll also want to invest in your future so make sure you study with a reputable professional learning company like Cognia to help evolve your teaching.

5 Top Teaching Skills

1. An Engaging Personality

Commanding the attention of young people is no easy task. That fact is especially true today given the number of stimuli that children have competing for their attention.

In order to cut through the clutter and have your message heard, you need to have an engaging personality that kids won't mind paying attention to.

If you're falling short on this teacher skills must-have, it could be that you're simply lacking confidence. Do your best to become more comfortable in your skin and you'll notice that your personality starts to shine through.

2. A Strong Grounding in Basic Education

Teachers should know what they are teaching. There are a number of Praxis practice test and other general education requirements that you'll have to excel at in order to prove your adequacy.

If you can't hack it when it comes to things like basic English, math, and science, teaching may not be for you.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Not only are teachers having to communicate with students on a daily basis but they also need to talk with parents and their colleagues.

If as an educator you have difficulty conveying messages, you're going to have a hard time finding success in this line of work.

Again, clear communication often comes down to confidence. Confidence comes with experience.

Therefore, if you're not quite the communicator that you want to be yet, keep working on it.

4. Patience

Working with kids is rewarding. It's also very stressful.

In order to ensure that your students don't end up breaking your will, work hard to hone patience that will allow you to weather the inevitable bad days as a teacher that you'll have to deal with.

5. Passion

Passion is a teacher skill that's non-negotiable and you either have or you don't. If you're getting into teaching because you felt that it was the path of least resistance to having a decent life, don't apply.

It's dispassionate teachers who are just looking for the security of a government job that undermines the educational purists of generations of people and undermines teaching as a whole.

Our Final Thoughts on Teacher Skills

Quality educators possess teacher skills that allow them to do their jobs beautifully. While many of the teacher skills that we've outlined can be acquired as you go, some things like passion can't.

If you think that the top teacher skills we've gone over aren't in your wheelhouse at all, our recommendation is to find a line of work that better aligns with who you are aside from teaching.

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