6 Stages Of Software Development Process

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The software development process can be very tricky and challenging unless you are very well organized. Which is why most software companies in California tend to use 6 stages of the entire software development process. It really helps a lot and it brings in front some rewarding benefits if you opt for these stages! 


Planning is very important because it allows you to prepare the development process. You can figure out the strengths and weaknesses, what features you need and so on. Planning is crucial and it’s also where all the ideas float around. You will need to go through trial and error to see what ideas stick and which ones do not. 


Once you have the ideas, this step will help analyze the performance of your software and you will know exactly what you can expect. The trick with this is that you really have to push the boundaries when it comes to results and value here. It helps analyze the software development process and make amendments, something that can be hard to do at times. 


When the analysis is complete, the thing you want to do is to focus on design. The idea here is that you are building the project architecture. You will have to create a standard and stick to it during the design process. Such a system will help keep things under control and you will avoid any potential problems that can and might appear at times. 

Development And Implementation 

During this process you will have the actual development. You have data recording in the background and you are implementing ideas. Even at this time you can change things because implementing ideas might not be that simple to begin with. It totally works if you do a pilot study and actively figure out what to expect and what features you can acquire in the end. 


The software might be ready to go, but you have to test out and see if everything works. More often than not there are bound to be problems, as software tools have lots of code in there and things can go wrong at times. You will find, document and eliminate bugs that might appear. 


This is the final part of the entire process, and during maintenance you will add new features, repair bugs and so on. Maintenance is crucial for every software, and it really has the potential to pay off and help you in ways you would not imagine. 

These stages are used by many software companies in California, and they do work really well. It makes planning and managing everything a lot easier and more convenient, and the results on their own can be handy for sure. It’s always a good idea to test out such a system to see if it works for you. But for the most part it can bring in front some rewarding results if you know how to implement everything the right way. 

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the major stages of software development process  and how to build SaaS services.

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