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how to dress for conference business etiquette tips dress wear

Putting together the perfect outfit is tough no matter the occasion. 

But when you're trying to figure out how to dress for a conference where you'll represent your own business or the company you work for, it's even more of a challenge. 

Don't worry -- this post is here to help with conference clothing choices and etiquette explanations. 

In it, we'll share some of our best advice on what to wear to a professional conference. 

Comfort And Class: The Golden Rules 

The most important thing to keep in mind when determining how to dress for a conference? 

Keep it classy, and above all, keep it comfortable. This means leaving your spiked heels or your tight loafers at home. 

It also means that clothing with excessive branding, word/phrases, or even clothing that's raggedy, low-cut, or doesn't quite fit you perfectly should stay at home. 

You want to project an image of class and success. A good idea to see if what you're wearing works to help you when you're networking? 

Consider that, if you looked at the pictures in five years, your outfit would come across as dated or unprofessional. 

Outfit Ideas 

So, what are some good outfit ideas for a conference or convention? 

For ladies, now is the time to embrace the idea of power dressing

Try a fitted blazer with a pencil skirt or black pants -- or even a jumpsuit with a blazer over it for a more modern look. 

Gentlemen can't go wrong with a suit and tie. If the conference is a bit more casual, pair dark jeans with a nice jacket and white button-down. 

Accessorize With Ease 

When you're deciding what to wear to a convention, you also need to think about your accessories. 

The good news is that, even though your outfit needs to be on the more elegant, classic side, you can have lots of fun with your accessories. 

You can carry a wild purse or briefcase, pick out a fun necklace (hello, conversation starter) or even try a fun watch. 

Designer accessories are also a great way to subtly show off your success. 

It can be incredibly difficult for HR to figure out how to tell employees not to wear too much perfume in the office. Heavy scents may smell nice to you, but they can bother and even trigger allergies in those around you. 

So, for the sake of everyone at the conference, spritz with care -- or not at all. 

How To Dress For A Conference: Wrapping Up 

We hope that this post has helped you to figure out how to dress for a conference with ease. 

Remember to keep it simple -- the attention should be on the information you're sharing and your company, not your outfit. 

Looking for more advice about what to present at a conference, or how to make connections with other entrepreneurs? 

From mastering print marketing to understanding how to use social media to promote your business, we've got you covered. Keep checking back with us to make sure you don't miss out.

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