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The reputed website Forbes, has reported that 50% of the total established businesses fail because funding options are not available. Each and every company, irrespective of whether they are big or small are concerned about one important thing, which is managing their money. Proper managing of the finances is extremely important especially if a business wants to survive the volatile economy as well as the industrial competition that is continuously going on. Small businesses also need to think about the financial decisions that they are taking right from the very first day. It takes a lot more than only a proper idea of running the business in the best possible manner. Each and every business requires financial structures, which are capable of generating a huge amount of profit, in order to stay credible. Entrepreneurs have to be constantly equipped with the ideal abilities to manage money so that they are capable of turning the venture into a great success story. Most of the business owners do not have a proper idea as to how they can take care of their finance. Given below is a list of the tips that you can take care of, for managing the business finances. 

Educating Yourself 

An important thing is educating yourself regarding the different aspects that are associated with finance. The starters have to go through the financial statements if they do not have enough knowledge about them. Financial statements are responsible for informing a person various things about money, which is required for making crucial decisions. 

The financial statements are responsible for four of the most important details, which include the statement associated with the flow of cash, the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement associated with the shareholder’s equity. 

The statement of cash flow is responsible for analyzing the various operating activities, financial inflow as well as outflow, and most importantly, different investments. The balance sheet is responsible for providing information that is associated with the assets of a particular company along with the liabilities and the equity of the shareholder. The income statement is responsible for reflecting the revenue, which is earned within a particular time frame. The equity of the shareholder is capable of representing the total amount with the help of which the company has been financed through both the common as well as the preferred shares. 

Separating The Personal As Well As The Business Finances 

It is mandatory that you keep the business and the personal finances completely separate. This implies getting the business credit cards and putting the various expenses on that credit card. This is going to help in tracking the outlets as well as keeping you within a proper control. 

You are also going to perform great if you open the savings account and dedicate it completely for your business. This will help you in transferring a particular amount from the total amount, which you are receiving, and with time, you will be able to build a Corpus. This money can be used for paying taxes. 

Cutting Costs 

It is crucial that all the entrepreneurs remain tight-fisted for keeping the expenses within a proper check, without causing any harm to customer satisfaction. This is particularly true for most of the small businesses. 

All the businesses are responsible for incurring two different kinds of costs, which include the fixed costs and the variable costs. You have to incur the fixed cost irrespective of the fact that your business is either making money or not making money at all. However, you can have a scope for saving money when it comes to the variable cost. For instance, if you are planning to purchase branded software that is extremely costly, you have the option of working with the cloud-based and open software, which is not only free but also good for your business. 

You can conduct online call and video conferences as opposed to traveling to faraway places for a business meeting. You can also barter the services with experienced professionals and cut the costs. 

Investing In Cloud-Based Accounting Software 

It is true that you have the option of downloading the regular software in order to keep your finances in proper order and manage them properly. However, it is never going to provide the type of convenience, which the particular accounting software is capable of providing you with. The web-based software is responsible for providing the real-time insights and you will also have the option of storing, updating, tracking as well as accessing data irrespective of the location you are in. 

It hardly matters if you are in your office or you are in your home, you will have the option of working with the data from almost anywhere and you can be assured that it is going to be hassle-free and error free. You have the freedom of depending on it completely. 

Monitoring And Measuring Performance 

It is important that as the owner of the business, you keep tracking the movement of all your money especially when a huge amount is involved. You have to look at the financial performance of the company and compare it with the previous financial statements for projecting the future revenue as well as the cash flow of the business. 

If you are aware of all these important aspects, it will be easier for you to make informed decisions that are related to the business. If you are in debt already, you can go through the various debt consolidation reviews if you are interested in consolidating your business debt. 

Hiring Professional Help 

Each and every business, irrespective of their sizes requires help. Especially, in order to turn the business venture into a great success, it is crucial. Sometimes it is a good idea to take help from financial professionals who are capable of handling the finance-related aspects in a professional manner. They will help in determining the position of the business by using your data and analyzing it in a proper manner. 

However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person you are hiring is trustworthy. Whether you are planning to clear your tax or interested in making certain important payments for the next year, the expertise that the professionals have will help in assisting your business to flourish and also provide peace of mind. 


It is true that owning your own business is extremely exciting but it is also going to be nerve-wracking because you have to handle your business finance in the most lucrative manner. Ensure that you are not allowing the business to suffer as a result of poor skills of money management. Try to keep all the tips that have been mentioned above on your mind and lead your business towards success.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top tips that will help in managing your bootstrapping business finances and bookkeeping.

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