Changes Which Have Been Made To Various Savings Initiatives

saving initiatives through time infographic

Building societies are now a common sight on the high street, while we always hear about shifts in the stock market on the news. So many of us have personal savings accounts and pension pots set up now too. But have you ever thought about where these came from, or how each savings initiative has changed over the years? In the following infographic, personal pension specialist True Potential Investor has taken a step through time with this question in mind. 

Did you know that the first known building society formed for groups of individuals who were looking to help each other to buy property? Or that the Bank of England was founded towards the end of the 17 th century to fund the war effort against France? How about that the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was believed to be the world’s first stock market

Discover even more fascinating facts by browsing through the full infographic below…



I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the major changes which have been made to various savings initiatives over time in history.

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