7 Best Apps To Install On Your FireStick

best apps install Amazon firestick streaming stick

Everyone knows that Amazon's FireStick is considered to be one of the best streaming devices. Due to its compatibility as well as versatility, it allows for the huge collection of applications to download. At the same time, they are free as well as paid for you to download. In this case, most of the people are confused when it comes to choosing the best apps to install. For instance, there is a chance of watching your favorite movies and TV shows using the best applications. Likewise, you can find different Firestick apps which are available with various features to experience. 

If you are interested in getting the applications on your FireStick, then find some of the best apps here. Hope the list of applications mentioned will offer various features to experience on FireStick. Let’s discuss the 7 best apps to download and install. 

7 Top Amazon FireStick Apps

Show Box 

Are you very much interested in watching movies and TV shows? Then Show Box is always the best pick. To use this application on FireStick, it mainly requires mouse toggle for further smoother usage. The thing is it developed for Android device. However, without finding any difficulties, it can be installed successfully and start to use smoothly. Well, this application is free for the users to download and install. 


Hulu is another best streaming platform which will work great on your FireStick. This fantastic American media service provides a massive collection of movies and channels to watch. On the other side, the best part is it will also allow the users to view most popular movies. Apart from these stuffs, the users can watch their favorite sports as well as cartoons from the kids section. 


If you are looking for Kodi, then it is free which can be installed on FireStick easily. When it comes to downloading, you can find it on Amazon AppStore. To access this amazing Kodi on your FireStick, it doesn’t require any subscription charge. And the important thing that you should know is it has a huge collection of add-ons which offer sports, cartoons, etc. 

This guide regularly updates which addons are the best to use. Once the Kodi is installed, then it will ensure the entertainment and simple user interface for better using experience. 

Sky News 

Some of the people may be searching for news channels over entertainment. For those people, Sky News is said to be the best app that offers the latest news to its users. It mainly used to cover all the news across the world and always keeps you updated. If you want to download this amazing new channel app, then visit Amazon AppStore and get news every day. 


Entertainment is the main thing that encourages people to install various applications on FireStick. Among those best apps, Crackle is the best award-winning application that offers huge collection of movies and TV series. After the successful installation, you must complete your registration process and create an account. Once the process is over, now you are going to watch your favorite web series, movies and TV shows. The great thing about this application is it comes up with the best feature like parental control. This feature helps to deliver the content as per the age. 

FreeFix HQ 

This could be the unique application in terms of offering the entertainment online. Planning for installation? Then it is not available on AppStore. All you need to do is sideload the application on FireStick. If the app is installed, then you will be going to experience the best features at free of cost. It is the application not only allows the users to watch but also helps to download for offline viewing. Also, with the support of the parental control feature, you can start to monitor the children activities. 


People who all are passionate about listening to the music often, then Spotify is undoubtedly the best pick. Once the Spotify is installed on FireStick, then you can start to access millions of music tracks to listen. The best thing about this application is it has the downloading option. So, whenever you want to listen to your favorite track offline, then you can download it. 

Have Fun With The Firestick Applications

Now, we must agree that the FireStick has its potential to install a huge number of applications for Amazon Fire TV. Also, it allows you to enjoy the contents with full of flexibility all the time on your smart television. Hope the above mentioned list of applications are helpful for you to watch your favorite contents. Apart from these apps, you can find several kodi add-ons with loads of features for your Amazon FireStick that whenever you want.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the best applications to install on your Amazon Firestick streaming stick for Fire TV.

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