6 Reasons To Start Your Own Business Now

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When you have a job, you can often find it difficult to think about coming away from it. There is so much that you can get from being employed. A steady wage, some job security maybe, and even career progression. However, not everyone is cut out to be employed or the middle man, and may find that they start to think about moving away from the employment world and to go it alone. Sounds scary, right? The truth is, you probably have a number of reasons why you think this is the right move for you. It may be overwhelming and worrying, but the difference it could make to your career and life would far outweigh the negative aspects of it. 

I wanted to share with you some of the top 6 reasons why you should consider starting your own business. You may recognize and relate to these startup reasons more than you originally thought.

You Have Been Treated Unfairly By An Employer 

Not everyone has a great relationship with their employer do they? They may find that you are given stupid deadlines, that your ideas are not met, and even whether or not your progression and improvement is even considered. The truth is, your employer could be treating you unfairly. There are many ways they can do it, perhaps even shaving off a few minutes here and there with your pay packet or not putting the right overtime in. It’s more common than you think which is why people even hire a lawyer for wage theft to resolve it once and for all. If you find that you aren’t treated with respect, spoken to in the right way, or feel that you are being asked more of you than is necessary or what you are being paid to do, then this is as good enough reason as any to go it alone and prove to everyone how good you can be. 

You Want To Be Paid Properly For A Service Or Product You Provide 

Some people are specifically skilled in an area and then go on to work for someone to provide that skill and service to the general public. But the truth is you will be paid a fraction of what should have been paid for the job as the company projects more and more profits moving forward. There isn’t anything wrong with this by the way, and if you were to set up your own business this is exactly what you would be doing. The point I am trying to make is that you can either be happy with it, or want more from it. The people that want more set up on their own. 

You Have An Idea & Have Spotted A Gap In The Market 

Maybe you have a passion for something or a hobby and you have spotted a gap in the market for it. Maybe you think a service could work better with an added incentive or element to it, maybe you have found a fix for a problem and created something that could very well do it. This is when you have an idea and spotted a niche that you can then take advantage of. If, of course, you have the guts and the tenacity to start up yourself. The thing is, if you are not quick enough, you may find someone else spots the gap or indeed finds the fix and does it before you.

You Already Have A Hobby That Could Be Monetised 

Are you already creating a product or providing a service in your spare time? This is when a hobby could be turned into a fully fledged business if only you took the plunge to do it. So many people have the opportunity that they can grasp but fail to do so because of the fear of leaving a secure job or having a guaranteed wage. I understand that. One of the most popular things people have turned into a job is their blogs. They may have started it out as an outlet for their creativity and passion, but over time with a following, you can start to work with brands and gain sponsorship and start to earn from it. People have returned their blogs into marketing businesses and never looked back. Are you in a position to do it? 

You Are Hoping To Strike A Better Work & Life Balance 

Maybe you are hoping to strike a better work and life balance perhaps? Maybe you are sick of working long hours for not much gain and think that putting in the same hours could provide a better lifestyle for you and your family? Or maybe working less for the same gain could give you more time with your children or partner to actually enjoy life instead of feeling like you live to work. In most aspects of working life, be that employed or running a business, the aim of the game is to feel like you work to support and provide the lifestyle you love. 

Not that working is your lifestyle. Working shouldn't be an unhealthy enterprise either that takes away your longevity and performance. Starting up on your own can give you that flexible working option that you have been wanting. 

Maybe You Want To Raise Awareness 

Some people have other motives and incentives to starting a business. They seek solace in the hope that their business, be that a service or products that they supply, will help in some way towards a cause or to raise awareness. This might be working and being associative with a charity, when the product or service your require directly is involved in some way. Or maybe it is about empowering people. For example, the rise of the mumpreneur. More mothers at home are starting business on a budget, supplying products and services that not only are great but also help to empower women or mothers feeling like they don’t amount to much. Just an example, but one we are seeing more of. Maybe you have a message to share, something to offer, and the only way you could do that would be through your own business and enterprise. Then go for it, what is stopping you? 

Company Conclusion

I hope providing you with some of these reasons may have perhaps inspired you to consider the option of starting a business yourself and selling products or services. It is more common than you would think to have thoughts of doing it, but less often for people to take that leap of faith and go for it. Could you?

I hope you enjoyed this article about reasons why you could start your own company and stop working for the man!

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