For Now And Ever... The Business Tools We'll Always Need

Every successful company, there are a few pillars that they adhere to. For some, this could be subscribing to the original ethos set out in the business plan, and this has seen them through to be the successful company they are today. Others rely on fundamental tools, and for some, it's the staff. But, in the ever-increasing world where we are relying on technology to see us through, are there some fundamental tools that we've always used, and we always will? For every new program that comes along, it delivers promises to trump the previous models, but as we've seen with some of the models of Windows, some people prefer the older versions. So, what are the basic tools and programs that every business needs? 

The Office Suite 

Regardless of your opinion on what office does for your company, there is no denying it; you need this as a fundamental pillar to get work done. There have been various updates to the package like Microsoft 365 Business, but the main parts are still the same. And it's hard to imagine any business getting by without an office suite. All of the applications are ingrained into office culture now, from the Outlook application which most businesses use as their email, to the standard word processor package. And, not forgetting the almighty spreadsheet package as well as PowerPoint! These are part of the business fabric, and if you are looking to set up a business, this has got to be the first tool you invest in! 

The Accounting Package 

Without this, your business would be in bits! The journey of accounting software has seen it evolve from the basic spreadsheet package, like the aforementioned office suite, to the flow charts based accounting package of programs like QuickBooks. Once upon a time, the accounts were all done by hand, filed away, which meant a nightmare come tax return time, but now, the software does it for you. And even actions such as billing a client has never been so easy to do. 

Backup And Recovery Options 

Back in the days when external hard drives were bulky, or you saved your documents onto floppy disc as a means of protecting the work, backup and recovery options have now become more sophisticated in recent years. There are online backup providers now, such as Mozy, but there are handy backup and recovery options with your cloud service provider. Meaning that if you were to be hacked, the business could continue. 

Instant Messaging 

Things have come a long way since Yahoo Chat. There are now programs like Pidgin that allow you to communicate with various users and clients across the world, not just in your office. Instant messenger has seen an increase in productivity in the working world. Instead of traipsing around the office to speak to someone, you can fire off a quick message, and you're done! 

These tools have been around since the dawn of modern business practices, and it's hard to see these disappearing anytime soon. These types of programs are such a fundamental part of our companies, these provide the framework that we will need to set up our companies, but what we will always need to thrive. 

Remember to stick to the basics in business!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the business tools we'll always need for company management.

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