4 Ways To Make Your Website Number 1 On Google

how to make website rank higher

Remember the time when hit counter gadgets were all the rage on personal blogs and small websites? Those little numbers at the bottom of those static pages a la Geocities used to tick over and be the only way of determining how many visitors you were attracting to your little piece of the Internet. 

Nowadays those hit counters have been replaced by the more sophisticated Google Analytics tools and their offspring as well as intuitive interfaces that enable us to determine the source and route of any traffic that manages to land on our respective homepages. The means for counting our website hits are simple to use. However, attracting those visitors in the first place is still something of a mythical beast. For years people have been trying to figure out the perfect SEO algorithms and keyword methodology to maximize website visibility. While this may not be your forte, there are a number of ways that you can make your website a surefire hit with any potential customers.

Blog To Your Heart’s Content 

Even though you may feel that you are writing away into no man’s land and no one is reading your well structured and informative blog posts, you must persevere. Rome wasn’t built in a day and in order to generate a following online, you need to put out some regular high-quality content to source an established readership. When the followers and readers start trickling in you will notice that more will come. Your blog is a great way of directing traffic to your website. You can hyperlink relevant pages of your website discreetly within your posts directing potential customers to the webpages you want them to land on. This will lead to sales and added revenue for your company. 

The blog that you produce must be of high quality. Online competition is fierce within all industries, and you must ensure that your writing style and content has something to elevate it above your rivals. You may decide to write in a particular tone. For example, if you’re providing a bespoke accountancy service to IT contractors, your tone will be formal with maybe a hint of witty banter. If the yummy mummy niche is more your market, your tone may be more empathetic and chatty emulating a meeting over coffee or a playgroup. 

The content of your blog mustn’t be reminiscent of a hard sell and needs to be explanatory as well as entertaining. Striking the perfect balance can be hard, but if you’re able to achieve it, you will see a huge spike in hits to your website.


As with anything in the corporate world, you need to be visible in order for people to arrive at your website. You could have the most incredible website with natty graphics, easy navigation and it may be visually spectacular but if no one knows that it’s there, all of this is obsolete. 

Consider employing the services of a provider of PPC management services to generate bespoke advertising for your small business. With the technical expertise required, these companies can open you up to the world of Pay Per Click. By allowing a third party to take control of this aspect of your marketing, you’ll be tapping into expertise not available in-house. This then frees you up to concentrate on implementing your business vision rather than trying to shoe in some web development training that will see you struggle to compete with the experts. You’ll be able to analyse your traffic sources and work out exactly what your potential clients are searching for before venturing onto your site.

Utilize Social Media 

The power of Facebook and Twitter cannot be underestimated. With millions of people worldwide now using social media every day as their main way of communicating and sourcing information, you need to get in on the act. It’s not good enough to simply have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed. You need to ensure that your feeds are regularly updated with high quality and readable content. Use them as free channels to market your latest products and services. Encourage potential customers to navigate towards your shop pages by incentivising them with discounts and offers via your social media feeds. Encourage them to share, like and retweet your posts. This exponential free marketing can see your pages deemed more relevant by the Google masters and you could find your webpage venturing further up the Google search results. Image by 

Show Off Your Guru Status 

Even if you are just starting out on your foray into the small business world, there will be some aspect of your industry sector on which you can share your expertise. Try and think outside the box and choose something that hasn't been discussed hundreds of times before on Linkedin. Consider how best to present this information to the masses in an engaging way and set up a webinar encouraging colleagues, customers and associates to view. By showing your industry credentials and flexing your business acumen muscles, you are instilling a newfound sense of confidence within any potential consumers. People will be much more inclined to purchase from an individual they have seen give an exceptional speech or masterclass on a topic rather than a faceless brand. As word spreads about your webinar, traffic will inevitably flood to your website to view you in action. 

Wonderfully Working Websites

Websites need to be visible. If you can achieve this, then you are nine-tenths of the way to attracting visitors to your website. Using a mix of online and traditional marketing can ensure a two-pronged approach to securing hits to your homepage. At trade fairs, incentivise visitors to your stall to check out your website. Sign them up to email marketing lists and send them regular updates about your product ranges and direct them to your blog. With high-quality content, an exceptional marketing strategy and a willingness to embrace technology, your website can’t fail to be a number one smash hit.

how to make website number 1 on Google

I hope you enjoyed this article about surefire ways to improve your blog or website performance.

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