The Tips The Trade Show Pros Swear By

Going to a trade show to exhibit your business comes with a whole host of benefits. Not only do you increase your exposure to those who are actively looking for services and products like yours, you can use this as an opportunity to build great relationships with customers and even other brands similar to yours. 

These things are pricey, but if you can get the money to do them, they are more than worth it. You do need to make sure you prepare for one properly, however. To help you, here are the trade show tips that the pros swear by: 

Make Sure Your Stand Draws People In 

Your stand is going to be the first impression that your business gives off to customers at a trade show. It needs to be bold, and it needs to draw people in. You can use lots of techniques to draw people in. Many pros like to use a video or slideshow to make the stand look more attractive and help to catch visitor’s eyes. picture 

Give Something Away For Free 

There’s no denying that people just love free stuff. Is there something that you can give away for free? Of course it could be a pen or a mug, something you know will get used and keep your business name and logo out there for all to see. However, it could even be a nice cupcake. It might not have anything to do with your business, but passers by will be tempted by your sweet offerings and may come over for a chat. 

Host A Competition 

Host a competition and make the prize really compelling. Could you give away a free trip somewhere, or maybe even technology, like an iPad? Get people to answer a simple question and enter their email address to be put into a prize draw. This is a great way to not only get some interest, but to build up your email list! You’ll have plenty of leads by the end of the trade show. 

Choose A Reliable And Professional Company To Help You 

If you’ve never done a trade show before, don’t go it alone. Go on Google to get an idea of how a professional company could help you to jazz up your stand and make your trade show efforts worthwhile. You’ll learn a lot and no doubt get a big ROI. 

Hire Professional People To Sell Your Services 

You likely won’t be able to work on your trade show stand alone, so hire professional people to sell your services. If you don’t have staff yet, look into hiring people who are great at working trade shows. Of course if you do have staff, using them and briefing them on what to do could be the best way. 

Do A Presentation On A Relevant Subject 

If you’re confident enough, doing a presentation on a relevant subject could help to draw passers by in, as well as establish yourself as an expert in your niche. If you make it a great talk, then you will no doubt be remembered long after the trade show is over!

I hope you enjoyed this article about tips that trade show and conference pros swear by.

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