3 Software Programs To Boost Company Productivity

software programs boost company productivity

The age of computing is upon us and companies who refuse to welcome such changes and progress with the rest of the business world, commonly get left in the dust. With more and more shifts in technology and business tools being developed each day it would be a foolish to not use them to your advantage. It might seem brutal, but that is just how the world works. Keep up or get left behind.

Remote Desktop Connection Software 

Now while nothing new, it is still not utilised in many companies. When your business reaches a certain level and operates on a global scale, important events which need your immediate attention can happen anytime due to business partners in various timezones. Remote desktop connection software such as Team Viewer or Go To My PC allows you to access your office PC any time of the day from anywhere as long as the PC at your workplace is on. With some of the remote desktop programs even having IOS and Android counterparts, you can literally access your PC from just about anywhere. This can prove to be absolutely priceless in case of emergency or even allowing members of staff to work from home in case they are not well and cannot come into work. 

Team Communication Software 

A business-oriented communication platform like Slack unifies your whole team’s communication, greatly improving your workflow. Allowing for different workspaces for different projects, different channels for various related topics, direct messaging, pinning and sharing files, there really is no better communication tool for businesses. This is not only incredibly useful during working hours, being able to communicate with any department without the need for a lengthy walk, but also outside of work in case anything incredibly important needs to be communicated to certain members of the team. In the modern business climate of cross-country business partners and intercontinental business deals, the cash does not sleep. Timezones make for the need of all active entrepreneurs to be active at all times.

PIMS (Product Information Management Software) 

Product information management software is slowly starting to become the new standard in the industry. Software like companies like Pimberly have created product information management software which meets all the modern standards and necessities. Being entirely cloud-based, it allows access from anywhere and anytime, all you need to access all your data is a modern browser and an internet connection. Having tablet and smartphone support makes this a truly platform compatible and flexible tool. With constant automatic backups and a very user-friendly interface, more than just your IT department will be able to make full use of it. 


Being able to freely manage digital content allows for a smoother workflow and your team to stay on top of the all their tasks at all times. Considering it publishes information to all channels, distributors, retailers, websites and even mobile apps this is the perfect tool you can use to push information out to all your outlets with ease.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about software programs that could help boost efficiency at your lean startup.

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