3 Contacts You Need To Make Your Operation Work

It’s no lie that the world of business rests on a variance of contacts and interconnected interests. This is what we in the industry call ‘B2B connections,’ or ‘business to business.’ They are the deals and negotiations that must take place in order for businesses to help each other stay competitive, often through means of helping each other out with supply or filling a service the other is lacking in. Businesses work for other businesses, and as the list of complexity grows, it can be difficult to keep an eye on it all. 

For example, a restaurant is not a restaurant. A restaurant works on its own, but it hardly fulfills all the functions which keeps the business open. A restaurant will need to hire the services of cleaners, pest control, electronic maintenance and maybe even marketing firms. If you take the business borders out of it, that’s a whole bunch of people outside of the firm who are contributing to make that business work. Loosely and almost incorrectly defined, you could say that they are all a part of the business method. 

As someone starting out with a business, there are many contacts you need to keep in your address book. Developing a relationship with these people will help you identify what needs to take place and thankfully overcome the difficulties you might be experiencing at the time. 

A Cleaner 

No matter the business, you will need cleaning services available to take care of your office. A dirty office will only contribute to make your staff feel unmotivated, and therefore will decrease their working efficiency. A good cleaner can also help identify rot, stains and find pest droppings which can help indicate a larger issue, something which a standard ‘basic clean’ done by yourself to save money may not figure out. 

Custom Manufacturing Pieces 

If you have a factory or outsource your wares, it’s likely that you’ll need to provide specific equipment, molds or other considerations to best help your product get created in a timely manner. As such, contacting and developing a relationship to a machining plastic firm will allow you to provide your factory with the products you need immediately, from gears to bushings to collars, all of your needs will be catered for. It’s best to be on the same page and work with the same firm here, as any delineation and difference in working partner will need you to explain your entire manufacturing process over and over again, and that can waste both time and money. When you need to find replacement parts for your product line, you’ll be grateful that the relationship will be developed and your need will be fulfilled within a very short period of time, as opposed to hiring services then and there. 

Recruitment Agency 

A recruitment agency is worth it’s weight in gold. Placing ads on CV hunting libraries is one thing, but finding skilled workers which are necessary to performing high level functions will only work if you use an agency that is equipped to find you those of a certain skill level. People with engineering degrees rarely search craigslist for jobs, for example. These tips can help you get your business off on the right foot immediately.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the contacts you need in your business book to make your operation work. 

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