How To Use The Best Tech With Minimal Finances

Every company knows the value of technology and what it can do for a small business but while access to unlimited technology would be the ideal option we all find ourselves constricted by limited finances. But that's not to say we can't take advantage of technology solutions that are a low cost, and here a few areas that it's worth looking at to see if you can make your business excel in the productivity sense as well as in your everyday business running.

Business Training 

Knowledge is power, as they say, and if you can get unlimited access to information, then it would make your business far more productive. And there are plenty of online business training programs that can expand the knowledge of you and your employees, as well as e-learning software that can teach your staff about basic principles, whether it be lessons in money, lessons in health and safety, or IT security. And while there are plenty of free programs there are some fantastic online business resources that can cover almost any topic that you may find yourself querying. 

Time Tracking 

Finding the value of how much time you're spending on one specific task is beneficial to any small business that bill their clients in a specific way. Make the most of time tracking tools online, including services that have been integrated into project management or bookkeeping software, or even desktop applications and online tools as well as plenty of IT management solutions, there are many ways that can help you to increase your business productivity across the board. Simple tools such as these can be a significant life saver when it comes to increasing your overall productivity, which has many positive repercussions down the line. 

Open Source Software 

Another great thing for small businesses to take advantage of, open source software provides many businesses with an alternative to using the commercial applications that many large organizations are able to afford, but small businesses are unable to due to limited funds. The primary benefit of open source software is there is generally no financial investment involved, and each item of software is flexible enough to fit in with the needs of a specific business approach. You can find plenty of open source tools online which gives businesses access to programs like word processors, presentations, databases, and so forth. 


Gone are the days of using landlines to keep in the loop, there are many options for businesses to keep abreast of what is going on day to day, and these can include virtual phone lines, VoIP, as well as the trusty mobile phone or smartphone. In addition to this, conference calls are becoming a more vital aspect of how businesses promote and establish their brand across the world, and there are plenty of teleconference services that can help start up companies communicate at any time they want with various clients without requiring specialist equipment. 

Tech Talk Time

The fact is that any small business starting out now have a lot more tech and tools at their disposal in comparison to even 10 years ago. That means there is a lot more competition and a lot more at stake, so you need to utilize these tools to get your business off the ground for as cheap as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this article about using the best technology with a minimal financial investment or risk. 

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