5 Ways To Host A Memorable Company Party

How to host a memorable company party

Company parties are a great way to encourage coworkers to foster relationships that extend beyond business. Due to these positive interactions, it allows the workplace to be a more pleasant environment, which will surely encourage productivity among employees. Here are five tips on how to have a memorable company party that is both safe and fun for your hardworking staff to enjoy: 

1. Mix Up the Seating at Tables

Assign your employees to tables with fellow employees that are both above and below their positions so that they can have a meaningful conversation that perhaps can lead to a collaborative mentorship later on. Given that offices tend to be divided, mix it up and you will find that even your senior managers may have a thing or two to learn from your younger staff members, such as how to fire up your social media business accounts.

2. Have A Business-Related Charity Or Raffle

Employees respond well to a firm that they work for if they embrace social responsibility. Thus, have a raffle at your party and perhaps even the venue will partake as well to raise money for a great cause. Events such as these serve to be educational and great ways to foster corporate unity. You could even tie it to an employee health initiative. Overall, tying your company party to an appropriate charity or raffle can also be beneficial from a public relations perspective. 

3. Have Team Building Competitions At Your Event

Granted, it is not wise to fill your party with these, but one or two events could not hurt that would spark conversation. By planning these events, the guests that are seated by new faces will be able to become better acquainted with those that are sitting next to them in order to grow innovative ideas that could be beneficial to your firm later on. 

4. Have an Open Bar and Offer an Uber Promo Code 

The increased success of transportation companies like Uber has allowed there to be another potential safety element to events that involve drinking. Given the complications that arise from having an open bar, giving attendees an Uber promo code will encourage your staff to drink responsibly and to not get behind the wheel. If you negotiate directly with Uber, they will be able to give you a special discount as well for providing this service to your employees. The last thing you want is to have to deal with an employee DUI situation. Consider this expense as a part of your party budget that serves as an insurance policy to your firm. This will keep your human resources department happy while keeping your valuable employees safe.

5. Provide Gift Bags 

This is always a nice touch to any event to thank your employees for spending more time with their coworkers outside of work. Prepare relevant materials to the firm along with discounts to local restaurants and the like. Your employees will appreciate it more than you know that you made the extra effort. This small investment of time and money will certainly pay strong dividends with increased company success


Planning a memorable company party is very easy to execute. The key is to have fun in the process and create an event where your employees no longer feel as if they are at work so that they can interact and create lasting relationships with their coworkers based on common interests. 

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