All About 16:1 Gear Set 40Cr High Hardness Airsoft Kit

airsoft kit 40cr gear set 16:1 high hardness

Introduction To Airsoft Kit Gears

The gear set series is designed for superior performance and high reliability in airsoft kits. The gears have been tested to ensure the highest quality standards in terms of torque capacity, pitch accuracy, and concentricity. The teeth design on each gear is also carefully considered to reduce noise levels while prolonging life expectancy under heavy load conditions. All gears feature solid steel construction with a black oxide finish that prevents rust from forming over time. 

The gear sets meet the most stringent quality requirements to ensure perfect fitment with other components of your machinery. With a smooth profile design, they offer an excellent balance between efficiency and durability. 

With its strong mechanical properties, this type of manufacturing process makes it an ideal option for industrial applications where durability and strength are paramount requirements. 


This CNC machining gear set is suitable for airsoft models with Version 2 and 3 Gearbox. It features a 16:1 drive ratio and is made from HRC46-50 hardness material that provides superior strength. The new bearing axis and bearing delayer design helps reduce friction while the low electricity consumption ensures a lower noise level during use. 

This gear set also comes with a recommended battery voltage of 10.8V or above, and it is compatible with M90-M140 springs to provide more power output when desired. With its super high-speed CNC machining, this gear set offers excellent precision in addition to improved performance overall. 


The 16:1 Gear Set 40Cr High Hardness Airsoft Kit is a great choice for any airsoft enthusiast. It offers superior performance, durability, and reliability in all conditions. The gears are made of high-carbon steel with advanced heat treatment to ensure maximum strength and longevity. 

This kit also features a set of hardened bushings that reduce friction between the motor and gearbox, allowing for smoother operation and improved performance while reducing wear on both components. 

Overall, this is a reliable solution that will last you for many years of enjoyment on the field. 

How To Install 

The 16:1 Gear Set 40Cr High Hardness Airsoft Kit is a great way to upgrade the performance of your machinery. It features an aluminum alloy gear set that provides increased durability and smoother operation. The kit includes all necessary components for installation, including the gears, bearings, washers, and screws. For installation, follow these simple steps: 

1. First, remove the housing cover from the gearbox. This will expose the internal parts for easy access when installing new components. 

2. Next, unscrew and remove any existing gears or other accessories from within the gearbox. Be sure to save all of your original hardware in case you need it later on down the road. 

3. Now you are ready to start installing! Place each component according to its diagram found on our website or provided with your purchase (or both). Securely fasten them into place with screws as needed. This website show details better for more about the installation and features of the product. Visit to know more about the install process. 

Processes Involved In Manufacturing 

1st CNC Turning and 2nd CNC Turning 

CNC turning can allow for rapid turnaround times since the CNC machines are able to work quickly and accurately. The programmed instructions determine the exact path of movement that each tool needs to take in order to achieve the desired result. 

This makes it easy to replicate parts with precise dimensions, while still achieving high accuracy. Additionally, CNC turning is often used when a large number of identical components need to be produced in a short period of time. 

Gear Hobbing 

Gear hobbing is a cost-effective way to produce gears with high accuracy. It can be used to create gear teeth of any size and shape, making it well-suited for producing gears of various sizes and shapes. 

Furthermore, the process is relatively fast compared to other methods such as milling or grinding. This makes it an ideal choice when time is an issue or when large quantities of similar parts must be produced in a short period of time. 

Heat Treatment 

Heat treatment is an important step in the manufacturing of any 16:1 Gear Set. In this process, a particular alloy material, such as 40Cr High Hardness Airsoft Kit, is heated to a specific temperature and then cooled rapidly. 

This will cause changes in its structure which can improve the strength and hardness of the metal. For example, when 40Cr airsoft kits are heat treated they become more uniform and resistant to wear over time. 

Heat treating allows for better performance under typical operating conditions with less maintenance required due to improved hardness properties that result from heat treating. 

Surface Treatment 

The 16:1 Gear Set 40Cr High Hardness Airsoft Kit is a specialized product that requires rigorous surface treatment to ensure its durability, performance, and longevity. 

The first step in the surface treatment process is shot peening or bead blasting which increases the compressive strength of the metal components by creating indentations on their surfaces. 

This helps protect them from wear, tear, and corrosion over time. Following this, all exposed parts are coated with a lubricant to reduce friction and improve efficiency during operation. 


The 16:1 gear set is an excellent choice for any hobbyist or RC enthusiast, especially those looking to get a high-performance model. This type of gearing provides more speed and torque than other available options in airsoft kits. 

With its reliable construction and durable materials, the 16:1 gear set can help you reach impressive speeds while still providing smooth operation at all times. 

Additionally, this type of gearing comes in many different sizes so you can find one that best fits your needs without compromising on airsoft quality or performance.

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