3 Top Conveyancing Companies In The UK

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Buying, selling property, leasing commercial premises, remortgaging, and related tasks can be a very stressful time for all. Even if all the details are correct, there is a time frame limit for all transfer activities to be completed. 

Also, property is a long-term investment, and proper precautions have to be taken to have a safe transaction. If not, it can become a long-term liability. 

In this connection, the best conveyancing solicitors can make the process straightforward and stress-free with a clear indication of costs. Mentioned here are a few of the best conveyancing firms in the UK. 

1. AVRillo Conveyancing 

The conveyancing services offered by Avrillo can be considered the best. This is because they have won more awards than most lawyers win in a lifetime. So there is no doubt that their services are first- class in England. With 40,000+ happy clients and a 95% success rate, Avrillo can be considered the UK's No. 1 conveyancing solicitors. 

Their customer service needs an honorable mention as they efficiently melt away any fears about United Kingdom legal matters. 

As a people-first focus, they provide overall cheaper conveyancing services. There are no upfront lawyer costs, and there is the added money-back guarantee. In fact, they are the UK's only conveyancers who offer a money-back guarantee. This and much more has led to Avrillo achieving the Sunday Times Best Conveyancers and 5* ratings on Google reviews. The proficient staff at Avrillo quickly detects the problems and finds solutions even faster. 

They offer the top conveyancing solicitor services in Portsmouth and other areas. 

2- Johnson Astills 

As conveyancing solicitors based in Loughborough, Johnson Astills offers specialist legal advice and support and is a proud member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) awarded by the Law Society. Their expertise extends to conveyancing and family law, wills, probate, and criminal law. Because of their extensive expertise, Johnson Astills has become one of the most versatile law firms in Loughborough and its surrounding areas. 

Based on their reviews, it can be said that the staff at Johnson Astills solicitors are very supportive and give safe and secure advice. They provide legal advice with a touch of care. With years of extensive experience, they can explain the finer details of complex clauses and foresee the contractual pitfalls. Because nowadays people want their conveyancing to fit their schedule, so Johnson Astills offers a flexible conveyancing service that can be done remotely. They can be contacted easily through phone, email, or other modern technological means, thereby physically eliminating the need to visit their offices. 

With two local offices in Leicester and Loughborough, the staff at Johnson Astills provide reliable and expert residential property law advice and services across Leicestershire and the East Midlands. Their conveyancing services include drafting/reviewing contracts, ensuring payment of relevant stamp duty, registering the change of title with the Land Registry, investigating the Property's title, identity checks, etc. 

3- Bird Wilford And Sale Solicitors 

This firm is an amalgamation of two old firms: Bartlett Walters and Parry (1750) and Gardiner and Millhouse (1960). The current premises is in Loughborough. Bird Willford and Sale Solicitors primarily focus on the East Midlands and provide legal services to Companies, commercial, Public sector, and private clients. 

The Solicitors Regulation Authority regulates them. The firm has extensive experience dealing with commercial property transactions such as buying and selling. Also, they regularly act for developers on the acquisition and sale of land for residential and commercial development. 

The expert teams guide you through buying or moving home for private individuals. They expertly deal with purchasing and selling new builds, freehold and leaseholds, shared ownership, transfers of equity, and remortgages. A separate litigation team assists with many disputes ranging from contractual issues to property issues such as dilapidations, boundaries, etc. 

Factors To Look Out For Before Hiring A Conveyancer  

● Firstly, it is always good to shop around and compare the rates and fees. 

● Secondly, it is best to narrow down to the conveyancer or solicitor with a good rating and if users have had the best experience. So it is advisable not to look at their fees only. 

● Thirdly, the conveyancing process involves a lot of paperwork. So good communication is essential. Hence check if the firm employs modern conveyancing practices such as online case tracking etc. This will ensure that you have up-to-date information on your transactions. 


The best conveyancing solicitor can quickly deal with complex and technical legal issues. The ownership of Property will be transferred without getting delayed by petty legalities. Hence the role of a good conveyancer cannot be understated. They will ensure that covenants, caveats, easements, or any other impediments to the transfer are quickly identified and sorted out beforehand. 

Arranging for the top conveyancing solicitor is entirely worth it in the long run as it saves a lot of time, stress, and expenses. A professional conveyancer such as Avrillo will arrange for the smooth transfer as they will be better equipped to handle all the legal complexities and processes.

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