Title Tag SEO Best Practices: A Complete Guide

title tag seo best practices

Since the day you created a website on Google, it was your dream that it should appear on the first page of the search engine. Well, you are competing against millions of such websites and each of them have the same dream. So how is it possible that your website gets known to millions of people and provides you larger benefits? Well, the simple answer to it is practicing SEO or search engine optimisation strategy for your website. And one of the factors that help your SEO in the best way is the title tag SEO. It helps your page or website to be discovered by a larger audience and even get verified through Google. This seems intriguing, isn’t it? Well, if you want to know more about this, then read along. 

● What Exactly Is Title Tag SEO? 

Remember on Google whenever you search something an HTML code appears in front of the website or page? That is exactly what we mean by title tag. And if you frame this title tag keeping the search engine optimization strategy in mind, then this is called title tag SEO. Mostly, the experts recommend it to be within 50 to 65 words so that these appear in complete form above your content when somebody searches for the same. 

● The Importance Of Title Tags 

You might be thinking why should you invest so much time and energy to frame the best title tag for your website or content? Well, the reason behind this is because it connects with Google and lets it know what your website is exactly about. This definitely improves your search engine result page and brings you on the top of the searches for that keyword. It is so far a guaranteed source for SEO success for your website or page. Carefully framed title tags with meta keywords improve your user experience and bring in more website clicks. 

● Tips To Write The Best Title Tags 

No doubt title tags are very important for your website's growth. It is crucial that you design them keeping certain conditions in mind that guarantee the best results. Look for the tips to write the best title track from your website below. 

1. Keep It Short And Precise — It is always the best practice to keep your title tags short and very precise describing your major part of the content or your website in just a few words. Even if you keep it long and detailed, Google is going to cut it short when it appears on the search results. So better you choose your words carefully and avoid the usage of capital alphabets and upper cases which eat up more space in your title tag. 

2. Use Catchy Titles — We need not specify the fact that your flashy title tags are going to bring you more readers and attract them towards your website. So, come up with unique words which should be very captivating to your users and readers. Obviously, even your content should be based on that title as well. 

3. Include Just The Primary Keyword And Few Secondary Ones — Most of you try to push all your keywords in the title tags considering it will bring more reach to your website, but this can be very wrong for the search results. Instead of stuffing keywords, try including only the primary keyword and one or two secondary keywords which will bring you more desirable results.

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