Technographic Data: Top Benefits For B2B Companies

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Running a B2B company offering SaaS solutions requires constant insights into target customers’ technology stack, existing clients’ product usage, and competitors’ offers. That knowledge will give you the upper hand and help supercharge sales and revenue. 

Technographic data is the key to growing your B2B company, although you shouldn’t forget about firmographics. Both are vital for your long-term success in business-to-business. But let’s see how you can leverage the former and what methods to employ to collect it. 

What Is Technographic Data? 

Technographic data is a company’s tech stack, including its hardware and software solutions, how it obtained them, and how and when it uses them. It shows all their chosen SaaS products’ features and integrations, giving you a window into their preferred CRMs, sales enablement tools, data platforms, etc. 

Benefits Of Gathering Technographic Data 

Enriching your database with technographic data will help you build long-term business growth. Here are the top benefits you should expect. 

Identifying Qualified Prospects 

Your target customers’ tech stack reveals their needs and preferences regarding various tools and apps. It helps you understand their purchasing decisions and buyer intent, thus allowing you to identify and qualify top prospects

For instance, a company may use one or more apps seamlessly integrating with your SaaS solution. Your sales reps can contact them to explain the value of implementing your product, including how it would complement their technology stack. 

Improving Lead Segmentation And Scoring 

Technographic segmentation and scoring ensure targeted prospecting and helps prioritize leads. You can enrich customers’ profiles for better lead-nurturing strategies, whether you want to supercharge account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns or other marketing initiatives. 

Increasing Conversions And Sales 

When your sales reps gain a better insight into target customers and their tech stack, they will know how to appeal to them and close more deals. They will understand the customers’ pain points, needs, and challenges with existing tools and apps, thus personalizing their pitches to boost conversions and sales. 

They can dramatically shorten the sales cycle, contacting prospects when they’re most likely to purchase from you. 

Sharpening A Competitive Edge 

Technographic data can uncover shortcomings in your competitors’ SaaS products, allowing you to gain the upper hand. You can turn their challenges into opportunities, upgrading your solutions to address target clients’ pain points. 

This benefit drives many B2B companies to collect technographics. The competitive insight from that data is invaluable in any market across industries, significantly affecting business growth. 

Discovering Business Opportunities 

Technographic data can open the door to new business opportunities. When you see how consumers use specific software solutions and how their features function together, you might develop an idea for a groundbreaking product. 

Perhaps there is already high demand for specific SaaS solutions that streamline one or more business processes. You can be a pioneer and provide a unique problem-solver that delights consumers. 

Improving Customer Retention 

Targeted prospecting, knowledgeable sales reps, competitive products, and unique features significantly impact customer retention. However, you can take it a step further to create long-term relationships. 

You can use technographics to forecast market trends and stay ahead of the competition. You can identify at-risk accounts and provide solutions to retain customers. Addressing their needs and helping them make the most of all features will ensure they continue using your products in the long run. 

How To Collect Technographic Data 

Gathering technographic data is pretty straightforward. You can use three tried-and-tested methods. 

Phone And Email Surveys 

Phone and email surveys can be excellent for gaining insights into target customers’ technology stacks, needs, preferences, and challenges. However, they work best when you have already established a relationship with a prospect. 

Most consumers don’t like cold calling and cold emails. Many won’t respond to your email, while others might give you incomplete or incorrect usage data. 

The methods below are more effective and reliable, although they are more expensive. Still, you can’t put a price tag on the information you will gather since it will help your business improve and grow. 

Web Scraping 

Web scraping is extracting data from various websites to collect valuable information. 

You can copy and paste it, but that would require considerable time. A web scraper will save you time and provide extensive data about various companies, including prospects and competitors. However, it won’t provide information about their hardware solutions. 

This method is more accurate than surveying but requires technical expertise. Besides learning how to use a web scraper, you must convert unstructured into structured data. That way, you can analyze, archive, and monitor its changes. 

Data Marketplace 

Purchasing technographic data from a third party is the best way to gain actionable insights into leads, prospects, customers, and competitors. Data providers have access to reliable information you can use to improve market research, lead generation, and other business activities. 

A data provider like Coresignal can enrich your database with relevant, accurate, complete, correct, up-to-date records on your target clients and competitors. You can get parsed, ready-to-use data in multiple formats and immediately start enhancing your B2B efforts. 

This method might be more expensive than others on this list, but it won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Moreover, you will get invaluable data to boost sales and transform your business. 


Running a B2B company focusing on SaaS solutions can be lucrative if you offer high-quality products that solve consumers’ problems and leave nothing to be desired. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade them or enter new markets with high demand for specific solutions. 

Technographic data is your go-to source of companies’ tech stacks, uncovering the tools and apps they use and software gaps you can fill. It is ideal for market research, lead generation, segmentation, customer retention, and gaining a competitive edge. Empower your marketing and sales teams with technographic data today. You will give them the tools to develop strategic campaigns, improve targeting efforts, and address issues many organizations face during digital transformation.

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