7 Ways to Improve Work Performance and Boost Your Career

how to improve work performance boost career

A few years ago, a shocking study revealed that about 70% of Americans aren't as productive as they could be while they're at work. It also found that more than 50% of people essentially sleepwalk through their workdays.

Do you suspect that you might fall into either of these categories? If so, you're not doing yourself or your employer any favors. You should make it your mission to figure out a way to improve work performance.

By doing this, you'll make yourself a more valuable employee to your company. You'll also give your career a big boost and reach new heights that you may not have ever imagined.

Take a look at seven ways to improve work performance day in and day out below.

1. Set a Series of Professional Goals for Yourself

What do you want to accomplish in your current line of work?

Maybe you have your heart set on accepting a management position within your company at some point in the near future. Or maybe you've decided that you want to score a job at a bigger company than the one you work at now sometime soon.

Regardless of what you want to achieve in your professional life, it's good to have goals and, maybe, more importantly, it's good to write those goals down so that you can work towards them. You'll find that it's easy to improve work performance when you have goals that you're trying to accomplish.

2. Learn How to Manage Your Time More Effectively at Work

Studies have shown that almost 90% of people waste at least a little bit of time at work each day. And while some people do it intentionally, many do it simply by not managing their time well.

Is time management something that causes problems for you? You should consider taking steps to alleviate this issue and improve work performance moving forward.

You could benefit from putting a daily calendar into place that allows you to schedule everything from what time you'll show up at work to what time you'll tackle certain tasks. You'll be able to take better control of your workdays by relying on your calendar.

You could also benefit from taking a step back and looking at how you're spending your time at work now. You could very well find that you're doing all sorts of things each day that are wasting time and making you less productive than you should be.

3. Find Ways to Avoid Distractions While You're Working

It's so easy to get distracted while you're at work each day. One minute, you're poring over a monthly report that needs to be analyzed, and the next, you're talking to John or Susan about what they did over the weekend.

Distractions like this might seem like they only take up a minute or two of your time. But in reality, it can take you 10 or 15 minutes to get yourself back on track after a distraction pops up.

You should find ways to avoid distractions if you can. Doing something as simple as putting headphones on while you're at work will signal to others that you're busy and can't talk.

You should also consider using certain supplements that are designed to help you focus. Something like CBD oil makes you feel more focused and will prevent you from getting distracted all the time.

4. Steer Clear of Multitasking at Work at All Costs

Does it feel like you're always trying to do 100 things at once?

This might make it appear as though you're getting a lot done. But you could actually be doing way more harm than good.

According to studies, only about 2% of the population is able to multitask effectively. The other 98% of people drag their productivity levels way down by attempting to multitask.

Unless you're a part of the 2%, you should stop trying to multitask at all costs and focus on one thing at a time. It might make it feel like you're working slower than other people, but you'll be improving your work performance over time.

5. Ask for Help From Your Work Colleagues When You Need It

So many people in the American workplace are afraid to ask for help from others. They view asking for help as a sign of weakness and don't want to make it appear as though they can't do their jobs.

In some cases, this might be true. You don't want to rely on your colleagues to tackle every tough task that comes your way. You should be up to take on challenges so that you can show what you're made of.

But at the same time, you shouldn't be so swamped by work that it starts to take a toll on your physical and mental health. If you're overwhelmed, ask your boss or your colleagues for assistance. They can help lighten your load.

6. Make It a Point to See Work Tasks Through to the Very End

Far too often, American workers are working on so many different things at one time that they don't always get to see tasks through until the very end. This is a shame since there's a real sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a job.

Instead of trying to do 100 things at one time, focus on doing one thing and finishing it before moving on to a second thing. You'll feel accomplished at the end of every task you complete and be more motivated to take on something else.

7. Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done at Work

"Work hard, play hard!" is a motto that people have been living by for years now. It's a great motto to keep in mind when it comes to your work life.

If you spend a lot of time working hard, you should reward yourself for a job well done. You should take a vacation every now and then, find hobbies outside of work to pursue, and spend as much time with family and friends as you can.

"Playing hard" outside of work can improve work performance. You'll feel better about working hard when you know there is going to be some kind of reward in the end.

Begin Using These Tips to Improve Work Performance Today

Have your productivity levels been on the decline at work lately? Reverse this trend by putting some of the tips found here to good use.

You can improve work performance by setting goals for yourself, managing your time better, avoiding distractions, and coming up with some kind of reward system. You can also do it by asking for help when you need it and eliminating the word "multitasking" from your vocabulary.

Interested in learning about other ways to boost your productivity at work? Browse our business blog to get more tips for workplace performance and career growth.

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